Dana White, Sign These Guys…

Dear Dana White,

I know you have done much for the sport of UFC.  Afterall, I am a big fan.  I think buying PRIDE and seeing it join UFC was great.  I love seeing these guys fight the best in the UFC.  I know you are a man with a great ego, but please do not let that ego loose out on some of the best fighters to be signed.  I credit you for signing some of the best, like Dan Henderson, Shogun, Cro Cop, Wanderlai,  Nogueira, and a few others. Not that my thoughts matter, but I want to give you some names I want to see in the UFC in order of priority.

1. FEDOR!!!!  If you do nothing else, sign Fedor.  I want to see fedor fight Randy.  Randy has asked to fight Fedor.  Wow, what a match up that will translate to big bucks for you Dana.  Fedor’s the type of guy who can compete in popularity with Chuck, Randy, and Matt Hughes.  Most fighting sports make their mark by having a solid Heavyweight division.  Fedor would further solidify this division.  Sign Fedor, Dana, no matter what you have to give him and what allowances you have to make.  Make signing Fedor a priority and don’t let your ego get in the way.  Don’t let the Randy Fedor fight slip away like the Chuck vs. Wanderlai fight.  fedor is not just a place to spend money, he is an investment.  Wherever he goes whether it be Bodog, IFL, EliteXC or UFC he will draw a crowd that is for sure. 

2. Josh Barnett — Okay, I know you hate his guts, but he is still a good fighter.  He could still comepte for the belt without ‘roids.  Give him a shot.  Pit him against the best UFC has to offer, and perhaps he will get his tail kicked and you can enjoy watching someone beat him.  He is worth a chance.

3. Takanori Gomi — Perhaps he has no intrest in UFC, but perhaps you can entice him.  I think he could give some good fights.  I’d like to see him fight B.J. Penn for the title.  Maybe when B.J. takes Sherk’s belt you can make Gomi, Penn’s first title defense.  It could be sort of like a unification fight.  He may say he isn’t interested, but money speaks in all languages and has a way of changing minds.  Offer him something he can’t refuse.

4. Sokoudjou — I know he has a four fight contract with   EliteXC, but after that, go for him, and don’t loose him this time.

5. Ricardo Arona – He is still one of the best. 

6. Denis Kang – I hear Bodog is out bidding UFC for him, Don’t give Bodog a quality fighter because if they get a few of these guys it is serious competition.

7. Aleksander Emelianenko – He’s not his brother, but he is still a top ten Heavyweight guys in the world of MMA.  I ahven’t heard much about efforts to get him.  Even though he isn’t quite Fedor good, he is still very good in and of himself.  Don’t forget about Aleks. 

 I am all for trying to get other guys like Brock Lesnar and I think you should try to sign him, but he would have to be 8 or 9 on the priority list.  Go for the proven fighters first.  It seems like all effort is in getting Brock, when we need some of the above guys in the UFC.  Thank you Dana, I can’t wait to see these guys contracts and fights announced soon because the sooner the better.


UFC Blogger


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