Tito Ortiz…


If you say the word overrated the first name in MMA that comes to mind is Tito “The Huntington Beack Bad Boy” Ortiz.  To be honest, I don’t think he is so bad.  I say he is hyped and overrated.  Somehow, he has squeezed out some questionable decisions.  Personally, I think Rashas Evans beat him, and had Rashad had 30 more second Ortiz would have been out cold.  You can argue that Forrest Griffin and Vitor belfort both beat him, but somehow he got the split decision.  Patrick Cote gave him a run for his money and somehow he pulled out a unanimous decision there. 

       So what has Tito Ortiz ever done?  He has beaten Ken Shamrock three times, he beat Wanderlai Silva, and Guy Mezger.  That is it.  Chuck demolished him not once, but twice. 

    Okay, so Tito is decent, but he is not top five in that weight class, and is questionable to be in the top 10.  He is going down fast, but he is still popular in UFC and draws a crowd.  I think Tito is overrated, afterall he was afraid to fight Dana White.  I’d love to see Dana beat the fire out of Tito.  Simply stated Tito is overrated.  Yes he is popular, but he is overrated.  Will he keep getting controversial wins?  Probably.  Will he get any better?  Probably not.  He is on the decline and it won’t be long until we are saying, “Tito who?”


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