UFC Fight Night 11 Predictions

Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin

Chris Leben is a punk.  He’s made his career hitting much weaker opponents.  He doesn’t stand a chance against Terry Martin.  Perhaps his only hope would be to stun him with a hard hit and then pounce on him.  In order to win Leben will have to bring his very best, but I will go with Terry Martin on this one and will add it will be a success for Leben if he makes it to round 2.

Nate Diaz vs. Junior Assuncao

Nate Diaz is probably the worst fighter to ever win Ultimate Fighter, I hope he proves me wrong in that.  With that said, TUF champs have proven very successful and I don’t expect to see Diaz loose to Junior Assuncao.  I predict Diaz will win convincingly by submission.

Nate Quarry vs. Pete Sell

If Quarry looses it will be an upset.  I pick Nate “Rock” Quarry to knockout Pete Sell.  Could be the one fight I would go with the upset, but I won’t do it.

 Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller

I’m gonna go with Cole Miller for two reasons.  First, I don’t recall seeing Leonard Garcia much except against Roger Huerta, and he lost that fight.  Second, Cole Miller almost beat Joe Lauzon on TUF.  Ultimate Figjter guys do well in thr UFC.  So I say Cole Miller wins, but this is more a guess because I don’t know these guys too well as fighters.

Thiago Alves vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka

 Both fighters have fought some good guys.  Both lost to Jon Fitch, which isn’t a bad loss.  I will pick Hironaka against my better judgment because he went the distance with Fitch and beat Nick Diaz, plus he is coming off a win against Forrest Petz.

Luke Cummo  vs. Edilberto “Crocota” de Oliveira

I’ll pick Cummo for this fight.  I know he has a 5-4 record, but three of those losses came against Joe Stevenson, Jonathan Goulet, and Josh Koscheck.  Crocota is coming off a loss to Paul Taylor.  He can beat Cummo, but I pick Cummo just to have a pick.

Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres

I like Gray Maynard.  He got jipped at the TUF finale.  He won that fight, but knocked himself out.  I believe he is training with Extreme Couture.   I don’t nkow anything about Veres, but I expect him to fight an angry Gray Maynard who is a great wrestler. 

Jonathan Goulet vs. Dustin Hazelett 

Too little notice, too little time to train for Goulet.  Goulet wins.  Goulet has some good quality wins chalks another up for him.  It is a good thing Swick was hurt because Mike Swick would have beaten Goulet.

Din Thomas vs. Kenny Florian

Din Thomas has fought some good fighters and has some quality wins, but he wasn’t even the first choice for this fight.  I pick Kenny Florian.  If he looses I would be shocked.  He looked better than ever against Alvin Robinson.  I say he wins and hurts Din Thomas in the process. 


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