What UFC Match-ups do you want to see?

I will answer this with several questions…

Who will fight Rampage Jackson for his next title defense?

  • The winner of the Liddell/Jardine fight.  Probably  won’t happen because Quinton has already said he doesn’t want to fight Chuck again
  • The winner of the Shogun/Griffin fight.  I would say this is likely.  Both are contenders, but you have to assume that Shogun will beat Forrest Griffin, and will get the title fight.  Some have called Shogun the second best pound for pound fighter in all MMA behind Fedor.  Barring a Forrest Griffin upset, look for a Shogun/Rampage title fight.  By the way Shogun has beaten Quinton in PRIDE.

Who will be the first UFC fight for Wanderlai Silva?

  • This is a no-brainer to me.  It will be the winner of the Liddell/Jardine fight and you have to assume that the goal has been a Wanderlai and Chuck match-up, but upsets can happen.  This match has been long anticipated and would have been better a few years ago than it will be now, but it will still be a main event or main event caliber fight.  Rumor has it that Dana White wanted a Silva vs. Liddell match in September, but Wanderlai didn’t want to fight that early, therefore Jardine is seen as a tune-up fight for Chuck, but he better not take him lightly.

Who will fight for the Lightweight title?

  • It is certain that B.J. Penn will be one of the fighters.
  • Sean Sherk holds the title and we expect his suspension to be upheld and last for a year.  Dana White has said, if that happens he will be stripped of his belt
  • Joe Stevenson is considered by most the next best contender.  Rumor was he broke his nose fighting Pellegrino, and may not be recovered, but he is by bet.
  • Kenny Florian would be the next top contender, but he has to beat Din Thomas and that seems too close to the desires November fight.  Roger Huerta is still according to White a year away from a title shot.
  • Honestly, I’d just give Penn the title because if Stevenson is the best competition for B.J. it will just be a waste of his time.  B.J. would kill Joe “Daddy”. 
  • There are only three ways we will not see a Penn/Stevenson match up.  First, is if Sherk’s suspension is overturned, then he will keep the belt and fight B.J.  Second, is if Stevenson is not fully recovered from the last fight.  Third, is if UFC can sign PRIDE’s Gomi.  He will get an immediate title shot over Stevenson, but I don’t look for that to happen.

Who will Randy Couture fight for his next title defense? 

  • Fedor is the dream match and the one Randy wants, but fedor has yet to sign.  Unless that happens soon, that fight won’t happen, but we can hope can’t we?

  • Nougeria is a possibility and so is Arlovski.  I imagine there will be a fight to determine who gets Randy.

  • Could we see Tim Sylvia get a re-match?  Maybe, but he has to beat Brandon Vera.  The winner of that fight, which I would pick Vera may get Randy. 

What other upcoming matches will take place?

  • Georges St. Pierre vs. Hughes/Serra winner for the title
  • Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans re-match.  That will happen and probably happen before the end of the year.  Maybe even at UFC 78. 
  • Matt Hamill vs. Michael Bisping re-match.  That too may happen by the end of the year, perhaps on the card in December with Hughes/Serra and Wanderlai/Chuck.  Perhaps they can make a great re-match card and move Tito/Rashad down here too. 
  • Karo Parisyan is on the card already in November with no opponent, I look to see him get a good fight, perhaps Josh Koscheck.  It may be too soon to take eitherDiego Sanchez or Jon Fitch. 
  • I would speculate that the Anderson Silva/Rich Franklin winner may get either Terry Martin or Yushin Okami depending on how they do in their respective fights.  I anticipate Silva to win and then fight Okami. 

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