Thoughts on Hamill vs. Bisping


I know it has been a bit since the fight, but this fight is the one that has bothered me more than any other.  There have been a few times I disagreed with a decision.  Every fighter knows to finish a fight because the judges score cards can be lousy from time to time, but this stunk.  I appreciate Dana White’s attempts to get a rematch, but a rematch doesn’t cut it.  I have never seen anything in the UFC enrage people like this decision.  Now, we learn that Hamill was fighting with a torn ACL.  That is irrelevant.  He pounded Bisping and Bisping knew it, you could see it in his face after the bell sounded.  I can’t believe that cocky fighter after the decision.  He acts like he is the man or the best thing ever to come out of TUF.  I hate to tell him, Hamill is better and he proved it and he did it with not just one disability, but two.  Hamill fights and can’t take instructions from his corner and he was hurting.  I look forward to the rematch.  I know that Bisping cannot help a bad decision, but I will always root against him now, and you know what?  I am a Matt Hamill fan now.  The best thing that could have happened to Matt Hamill was a horrible decision.  I’d still like to see Dana White come out and publically admit it was a bad decision, and then somehow remove some of the subjectivity from the judges.  Matt “the Hammer” Hamill will drop the hammer on Michael Bisping again.  I hope Bisping sleeps well knowing he has one win he doesn’t deserve.


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