Mir vs. Nogueira

It is reported that Frank Mir, former UFC champ will face off against former PRIDE star Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  This is an interesting match to me.  I like it, but it is interesting to me.  First of all because most people have Nogueira as the number 2 Heavyweight, which would make you think he would get the next title shot.  By the way, I have Arlovski at number 2 and Nogueira at 5 with Frank Mir at 9. 

So, this brings three questions to my mind.  First, if this is true, when will they fight.  I saw somewhere a suggestion that they’d fight December 29th.  This could be a good night with Hughes vs. Serra, and the Wanderlia Silva debut, hopefully against Chuck.  Second, who would win this fight.  Nogueira is tough, but I believe Frank Mir is on the rise.  I’d pick Mir especially if he looks anything like he used to.  Third, if Nogueira isn’t getting the next title shot, who is?  Could it be Fedor early in ’08?  If not it is possible to assume that the winner of this fight would get Randy if Fedor isn’t signed.

Interesting math-up.  I like seeing of new and good fights in the works, time will tell if this one will really pan out. 

Check it out.


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