Fight Night 11 Thoughts


The first thing that stood out to me was the Leben/Martin fight.  Everyone was saying Leben was in the best shape he has been in, but I thought he looked sickly.  Perhaps he is now Chris “the Crippled” Leben.  I was shocked that he beat Terry Martin.  I assumed Terry martin would be nearing a title shot.  It is a good thing he knocked out Martin because he was going to loose the decision and wasn’t far from being KO’d himself.  I still don’t think Leben is a better fighter than Martin, but he won so give him kudos for that.  By the way, can Terry martin say “conditioning”. 

   Also,  I thought Nate Quarry looked good.  I was glad to see him win.  Pete Sell isn;t a pushover fight either.  I can’t help but to root for the comeback fighters.  I hope he keeps doing well.  He looked rusty at first, but came into his own as the fight went on.

   The next thing that stood out was Nate Diaz.  I am not a Diaz fan, but I thought he looked real good and exerted very little effort to beat Assuancao.  He will climb the rankings some.  I still don’t think he is as good as Nick, but he did what he needed to do.  I imagine as the fights get tougher he better learn to improve his stand up.  On the ground it doesn’t get much better.  TUF 5 guys had a good night, with Gray Maynard winning quickly and Cole Miller also winning. 

By the way I went 6 and 3 with my fight predictions, not too shabby, and I was right in many of the details of how the guys would win.  (I admit I got the Leben vs. martin fight wrong, but notice what I said Leben’s only chance at beating Martin was, “stun him with a hard hit and pounce on him”)


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