UFC 76 Thoughts

Wow.  After having a full day to reflect on UFC 76, all I can say is wow.  I used to think I was good at predicting the outcome of fights.  Who could have predicted the outcome of some of those fights.  I don’t so much have a problem with Forrest Griffin, but I thought he had no chance against “Shogun”.  I went 4-5 in my UFC 76 precitions.  I can’t believe how sorry Chuck Liddell looked and Keith Jardine looked good.  I wanted Chuck to win, but how did one judge decide that fight went to Chuck?  He got killed.  He feared the “Dean of Mean”.  I say Chuck is done for, washed up.  He loves partying more than winning.  I used to like Chuck for his knockout power, but realized how one dimensional he is.  Jardine gave him some devestating kicks.  Also, the biggest shocker was Forrest Griffin beating Shogun in his debut.  I still say Shogun is better and will eventually hold the title in Light Heavyweight, but he needs to work on his cardio.  He won the early part of rounds and then was too tired to defend himself.  He needs to learn to go the distance.  He looked exhausted.  I hope to see Forrest get a title shot, he deserves it.   Then, I can brag about picking Fitch over Sanchez.  It looks like Fitch moved up in the rankings in a stacked weight class and I would say is one win away from a title shot.  It will be a bit considering they already have mapped out the next two title shots in that division with Hughes/Serra and then St. Pierre getting the winner for a title shot.  Look for Fitch to get one too.  Can I say he looked really good and he destroyed Diego.  Diego will be devestating at 155, wow!  Fight of the night: Tavares vs. Griffin.  Griffin shocked me.  He looked good.  It was a good night for Randy Couture trained guys (Forrest and Tyson). 

Overall, the fights were good.  I missed seeing the knockouts and tap outs that usually occur, but there were some good technical battles.   Time to look forward to UFC 77 and Silva vs. Franklin II, go Rich!


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