Randy Couture’s Resignation


Since Randy Couture’s return to UFC’s octagon, he has become my favorite fighter.  He has been perhaps the most popular guy in the UFC ever.  When I watched him fight Sylvia and Gonzaga as a huge underdog, I never rooted for a fighter like I did Randy.  Everyone loves Randy.  He has been a sucessful fighter, and also a successful trainer.  He asked Dana White for a fight, against Fedor.  That takes some courage.  He wanted to fight the best.  Since Dana wanted to play around and not sign Fedor, he decided to reisgn from the UFC.  Shame of Dana White.  Let me tell us something, Randy Couture is more vital to the UFC than Dana White!  I say can Dana and get Randy back and beg Fedor to come to the UFC. 

    It is being reported that Randy is not retiring, but he is resigning from the UFC.  Some specualte this may give the chance for someone like Mark Cuban to work a Fedor vs. Randy fight.  Wow!  Dana White’s unwillingness to book the big fight is coming back to haunt him (shall I mention Wanderlai vs. Chuck in their prime).  I do not believe every UFC fighter has star power, and I do not believe the UFC should cater to every fighter, but there a few that should get catered to.  You have to treat your big stars and the big draws differently.  Not all fighters are equal.  There are only a few guys that are huge markets and they should have a huge say in who they fight, when the fight, and they should have ore pay and more allowances in their contract.  In case you don’t know those guys are…

  • Chuck Liddell
  • Randy Couture
  • Matt Hughes
  • Georges St. Pierre
  • Tito Ortiz (sorry to say it)
  • Rich Franklin

with a second tier of…

  • Forrest Griffin
  • B.J. Penn
  • Quinton Jackson
  • Cro Cop (we want him to do well, and want to like him, but he won’t win)

also these guys should have an edge over others…

  • Wanderlai Silva (Already a star and hasn’t fought yet)
  • Shogun Rua (He has major star power even though he lost to Forrest)
  • Anderon Silva (If he learns to speak English he can be more popular)
  • Brandon Vera (He was on track to be the next big thing)
  • Sean Sherk (Steroid Shark? Maybe.)

So the problem the UFC has is star power.  That top tier is slowly evaporating.  Randy resigned.  Chuck has lost two in a row.  Tito isn’t Tito of old.  Matt Hughes said on TUF he has two or three fights left.  If Franklin looses to Silva he is in trouble.  The reality is even some good fighters don’t have the draw as some charismatic fighters.  The UFC needs another Randy and Chuck.  Who will step up?  Maybe B.J. Penn will take the title.  Maybe St. Pierre will take the title soon and retain it.  Maybe Anderson Silva will dominate for a long time.  Maybe a guy like Wanderlai, Shogun, Cro Cop or Dan Henderson will emerge.  Maybe a guy like Vera will catch on more.  Maybe a new fighter will bust onto the scene.  Regardless, I want to see Randy vs. Fedor and if Mark Cuban can provide it, I will pay to see it, and he will laugh at Dana White all the way to the bank.  Fedor and Randy were not expenses they were investments that would have made the UFC a lot of money, not now. Until Dana wakes up the UFC will loose stars who want better competiton and better pay, and Randy resigning hurts the UFC bad and foils the plans for a Randy headliner on Super Bowl weekend.  I am disappointed to say the least as I anticipated a Fedor vs. Randy fight for the UFC title.  The fight may happen, but not likely in the UFC.  I hope I am wrong.


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