Is UFC the best?

We often wonder why PRIDE fighters have struggled so much in the UFC.  Shogune lost to Forrest Griffin.  Dan Henderon lost to Rampage.  Big Nog barely beat Heath Herring.  Cro Cop has lost to Gonzaga and Kongo.  Other former PRIDE fighters have looked very un-impressive against UFC guys.  Are UFC fighters just that much better than anyone else?  Other UFC guys have had a lot of success in other places.  Robbie Lawler, Joe Riggs, and others have won fights in EliteXC and Strikeforce.  Nick Diaz who has never been considered the top UFC lightweight beat PRIDE’s best lightweight Gomi, even though he was high as a kite.  It seems everywhere you turn a former UFC guy is winning in another divison. 

    I think all these different leagues are hurting MMA.  I love, but it is nearly impossible to keep up with it all.  You’ve got UFC, IFL, Bodog, WEC, EliteXC, HDNet Fights, M1, K1-Heroes, Strikeforce, Cage Rage, King of the Cage, Pancrase and now defunct PRIDE.  No doubt UFC has the best fighters and the most money, but they don’t have all the best fighters.  I understand there will be other leagues out there, but I wonder why would a good fighter want to fight anywhere but the UFC.  In my opinion, UFC is tops followed distantly by EliteXC and WEC.  I wonder if it could be arranged to make UFC like the big leagues and WEC like a farm system.  If fighters aren’t cutting in the UFC move them down to the WEC.  If they are dominating the WEC, move them up to the UFC.  That would make the competiton better and remove the average or below avergae fighters, plus give the up and comings a place to make a name for themselves and get experience.  There are a good bit of fighters in WEC and EliteXC that should be in there against the best of the UFC (Filho, Condit, Faber, Lawler, Diaz and Shields).  For the betterment of MMA, put the best in one league together and let the cream rise to the top.  I don’t know why Dana White and the UFC don’t ask my opinion more often. 


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