B.J. Penn, Sean Sherk, and Joe Stevenson

What a mess in the lightweight divison.  The problem is that Dana White spoke too soon.  The way I understand it, the fight between Stevenson and Penn is a done deal to happen in January 19.  This idea of an interim title is dumb!  There are so many what if’s.  What if Sherk’s suspension gets overturned?  Most would agree that the top three in the lighweight divison are 1. Sean Sherk 2. B.J. Penn and 3. Joe Stevenson.  So in my opinion if Sherk gets suspended I think you have to strip his belt and let the next two in line fight for the title.  If you want to give Sherk a chance to regain his title after hsi suspension then that is fine.  I would add that B.J. Penn when he wants to win is in a different league than Joe Stevenson.  I say that because sometimes he just quits fighting a la Matt Hughes.  Either that fight was fixed or B.J. gave up.  Dana White has created a mess at the lightweight divison.  The one certainty should be B.J. Penn fighting for the title.  The question is does he fight Sherk or Stevenson?  I would say regardless B.J. would fight both those guys soon.  Because I would predict B.J. to beat either of them and the one left over to get the first title shot.  If B.J. wants to he could hold the belt a long time, and then go take the welterweight belt away from Serra, Hughes or St. Pierre. 


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