WEC fighters

I have to believe that next to the UFC the WEC has the best fighters.  They have 10 guys that are great fighters.  I wonder how would the WEC stars stack up against UFC stars.  Let us look at the title holders and see where they would rank in their perspective divisions.

Light Heavyweight Champ Doug Marshall

I don’t think Marshall could contend in the UFC at the light heavyweight divison.  He is a good fighter and seems to have to problems holding his WEC belt, but he would maybe be a #15 rank at UFC.  He would be in the mix of that deep division, but he would start way back and have to prove himself.  I don’t see him being able to beat people like Jackson, Griffin, Shogun, Liddell, Silva, Machida, Alexander, Sokodjou.  He may be able to match well with a Jardine like guy.  He could have a good night against any of the above, but overall I would rank him as a Bisping level light heavyweight, which isn’t bad.

Middleweight Champ Paulo Filho

Some have argued for Paulo Filho to be the best Middleweight in the world even ahead fo Anderson Silva.  The two are great friends and I know they are hesitant to fight, but I would love to see them fight.  I believe Filho would get an immediate title shot in the UFC and win, loose or draw is a top two middleweight in the UFC, with Rich Franklin still a ways off.  I was disappointed with Filho’s last win.  He looked unimpressive, especailly standing.  I have no problem with that fight beign called. Sonnen’s arm was going to break otherwise.  Nevertheless, Filho pulled out a win.  He is the WEC fighter that could really contend in the UFC, and maybe the best guy in the world to challenge Anderson Silva for the title. 

Welterweight Champ Carlos Condit

“The Natural Born Killer”.  Condit is good.  How good?  I am not sure.  I do believe he would be okay in the UFC.  I don’t believe his time to shine would be instant.  He would right now rank at 7 or 8 in the UFC welterweight divison, which is deep.  He would be behind: Hughes, St. Pierre, Serra, Fitch, Parisyan, and Koscheck.  Perhaps him and Diego Sanchez would be a good match up.  I place him on Diego’s level, maybe with a slight edge going to Condit.  He will only improve.  I’d lvoe to see him in the UFC

Lightweight Champ Rob Mccullough

Least likely of all the champs to contend I think. The “razor” is good, and dominates WEC.  He woukd be a top ten, but barely.  I don’t see him being able to beat a Sherk, Penn or Stevenson.  Really I don;t see him beating  an Edgar, Lauzon, Thomas or Franca.  He is exciting to watch though and he can pack a punch. 

Featherweight Champ Urijah Faber

Faber is the star and face of the WEC.  The WEC needs Faber to do well.  The UFC has no 145 division.  I wonder if Faber could move up to 155.  If so I believe he would be a seriosu contender in the UFC.  I think he is that good.  He is the one guy the WEC can’t affor to lose.  The other option is for the UFC to make a 145 lb division.  Assume with me that you start it with some of the WEC stars and you alread have a strong 3-5 fighters.  Perhaps have Faber, Pulver, Swanson, Curran, Micah Miller, and Chase Beebee.  If I was Dana White I would be seeing green with that idea.  The UFC and WEC are not necesarily competitors as both are Zuffa owned, but Dana should see the Faber market and find a way to get him to the UFC.

Bantaweight Champ Chase Bebee

The same as above, his only hope for UFC would  be to add serious weight and go to 155 or to jump to 145 if the UFC started a featherweight division.  I believe Chase could do well.  Faber good?  Maybe not, but he is a fighter and will not quit.  I like Chase, he will hold the bantaweight title for a while.

 Yes, some of the WEC fighters can content in the UFC, but I think the UFC is still superior.  I believe Jen Pulver is case in point.  I thought Cub Swanson was going to make quick work of Pulver, but it happened the other way around.  Perhaps Swanson got caught and Pulver got lucky, or perhaps that shows what an average UFC fighter can do in another place. 

Since I am full of suggestions to Dana White, I think it would be cool to have one whole UFC fight card called “UFC vs. WEC”  Put the champs against the champs.  Offer big contracts to WEC fighters who can take the belt.  I would go nuts over such a card.  In addition you could try Faber against one of the UFC’s best lightweights…vision the card with me for a second…

Rampage Jackson vs Doug “Rhino” Marshall

Anderson Silva vs Paulo Filho

Hughes/St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit

Penn/Stevenson vs Rob McCullough

Sherk, Penn or Stevenson vs Urijah Faber

Dana, if you need to hire a guy full of idea that will make your wallet fat, just drop me a line. 


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