Title Picture at UFC’s Light Heavyweight Divison

Okay, so what does the title picture look like at the light heavyweight division.  We know the champ and who is considered the number one contender.  I will rank the guys in order of who deserves a title shot.  Obviously, they are not going to just line up an go in this order, some will get knocked off.  Also, this is different from my rankings, I don’t think for example, Forrest Griffin in the second best UFC light heavyweight.

1. Quinton Rampage Jackson

2. Forrest Griffin

3. Wanderlai Silva

4. Thiago Silva

5. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

6. Lyoto Machida

7. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

8. Keith Jardine

9. Chuck Liddell

10. Rashad Evans

11. Tito Ortiz

12. Dan Henderson

13. Houston Alexander

 If my line of thinking is anywhere near that of Dana White the Wanderlia Silva/Chuck Liddell fight has huge implications.  Chuck can move up some, not enough to fight for the title, but if he wins, maybe even if he loses I think he will get Jardine again.  Sokodjou and Machida fight has huges implication as the winner may be one fight away from a title shot. I’d like to see Thiago Silva and Shogun fight with the winner getting the Sokoudjou/Machida winner. And the winner of that fight getting the Griffin/Jackson winner.  Looks as if they are 6-10 guys lined up for a chance at the belt.  Could a Griffin win equate a Shogun rematch instantly?  I believe a Jackson win and a Wanderlai win would make an instant chance for Rampage to avenge his two losses to Wanderlai.   He wants to beat those former PRIDE guys and prove something to them.  By the way, hasn’t the UFC done a beautiful job cleaning out PRIDE’s light heavyweight division?


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