I Have Another Idea Dana White…

It seems obvious that UFC is attempting to market worldwide.  They have choosen their venues wisely for fights and they have been strategic business moves.  Dana White may be stubborn, but he is a brilliant busisness mind.  He has marketed well in Canada, with an expected fight there in April.  No doubt Georges St. Pierre will be on that card win or loose against Matt Hughes.  I would say Dana has a dream of St. Pierre vs. Serra for the title in Canada.  St. Pierre has to beat Hughes first.  He has marketed very well in England, with England’s love for Michael Bisping helping him out.  Perhaps Roger Huerta’s plea after beating Guida for a fight night in Mexico will come true.  I would almost bet that there will be a fight in Mexico in 2008.  Possibly a title shot for Roger Huerta? So, I admit it is brilliant to market MMA worldwide.  I would suggest to Dana two ideas.  One, a fight night in Brazil.  Perhaps later in the year.  Assume with me Anderson Silva beats Dan Henderson, let him fight fellow Brazlian Paulo Filho.  It would be a good chance to market the UFC in Brazil with some of the other Brazilian fighters (Wanderlai, Thiago Silva, Lyoto Machida, Gabriel Gonzaga, Nogueira, etc.)  Not only that, but pit them against your mopre exciting American fighters, perhaps they can win over some fans.  Look for Brazil to be a fight locale in Fall or Winter of 2008.   My grand idea…I know there are legal issues behind selecting a locations, but suppose with me you could get a fight in Europe, more specifically Eastern Europe, maybe Russia.  You remember the scene in ther Rocky movie don’t you?  The Russian crowd, the monster Russian, the communist Russian leaders, the passionate speech by Rocky calling people to change.  What a moment.  I know that was the movies and that was boxing and that was 20 years ago.  Imagine a main event of: Mirko “Cro Cop” from Croatia vs. Andei “the Pitbull” Arlovski, from Belarus.   That would be a cool fight.  Plus, Dana, you have to get Arlovski back in the octagon.  He has a huge fan base, is a great fighter, too good to loose to another organization, as a few organizations are a few good fighters away from competiting seriously (WEC, M1, EliteXC, and even K1). There is my new idea for the week.  It was free for you Mr. White, but one day I will charge for all my brilliant ideas. 


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