Takanori Gomi to the UFC? Maybe.


UFCdaily is reporting that Takanori Gomi was ringside at UFC 79.  What exactly does that mean?  I’m not sure, but it certainly means that he has intrest in the UFC.  Gomi has been the longshot in my mind for who Dana could sign.  Gomis seemed uninterested in the UFC and I thought he would go fight in Japan somewhere.  When PRIDE collapsed I had greta hopes for the UFC to sign the best out of PRIDE.  This has been one of the most interesting things to me.  From the begining I have though that the priority list from PRIDE should look like this… 1. Fedor 2. Shogun 3. Wanderlai Silva 4. Cro Cop 5. Takanori Gomi 6. Dan Henderson 6. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria 7. Ricardo Arona 8. Antonion Rogerio Nogueria.  Gomi was a star in PRIDE.  Granted he got beaten by a stoned Nick Diaz he is still a great fighter and a big lightweight.  I think he is a serious contender, and would content for the UFC belt immeditley. 

        I believe one of the best ideas Dana White has had of late has been the unification fights.  We are awaiting the second one in Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson at middleweight, which should be an awesome fight.  After Rampage Jackson Ko’d Chuck Liddell the second time Dan Henderson walked into the ocatgon carrying his two PRIDE belts and it was announced that he was signed to the UFC and would immeditley get a title shot.  Is it possible that following the Penn vs. Stevenson main event at UFC 80 that Takanori Gomi could come into the ring and Dana announce another unification fight.  Here is what Dana had to say when questioned about it…“I’ve wanted to sign Takanori Gomi for a long time. I am very interested in him. Gomi was just here to watch the fights. He did stop by and say hello though.”

    I won’t get my hopes up, but I think this shows a potential for a huge signing.  Obviously, he woudl be signed with the promise of an instant title shot.  The problem in the lightweight division is that it is stacked with seemingly a line of people waiting for a shot and a handful climbing their way into contention for a shot at the title.  You have Roger Huerta, Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian all due a title shot in ’08 if they keep winning.  I don’t know how long until Sherk gets another chance.  It is reported Florian is going to fight Lauzon in April, could the winner of that get their shot? I’d say Lauzon is stilla  few fights away.  Then you have guys like Franca, Nate Diaz, even Mac Danzig and Clay Guida climbing the ranks.  I believe with those guys in mind Gomi could beta most of them handily and contend with any of them.  Florian, Sherk and Huerta better hope that Gomi isn’t signed because that would push back their chances to fight way back, and if BJ Penn beats Joe Stevenson he will probably only fight one maybe 2 more times in 2008. 

        Neverthess, my advice to Dana White is that Gomi is worth the big bucks.  He is a top fighter.  He is popular and exciting.  He is one of the studs of PRIDE.  He is the best of all the japanese fighters.  I will keep my finger crossed and hope you sign him soon.


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