Any Chance of the UFC Signing…

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira –  The UFC signing his brother with too similar of a name.  Rogerio the smaller of the Nogs is a quality fighter.  Again, PRIDE guys haven’t faired well in the UFC, but little Nog is no push over.  He is a top five lightheavyweight any way you look at it.  I would say the strike against him is that the UFC is already stacked at lightheavyweight.  In his favor his brother is fighting for the UFC and that might help his chances some.  I’d like to see a focus put on singing him.  I haven’t heard much chatter about it either way.  Anyone else have any scoop?

Ricardo Arona

At one time it was reported UFC signed Arona, but I guess it fell through.  I still look for him to be signed and contend wherever he goes. 

Josh Barnett

Chances are slim to none.  He is too good to let slip by though in my opinion.  If UFC wants to be the best it needs to have the best fighters and in order for their Heavyweight divison to be the best the need to sign Barnett and Fedor and work things out with Randy yesterday.  Barnett and Dana have issues so it won’t happen. 

Matt Lindland

Again, Dana has some issues with Lindland, and Dana has been known to be slightly stubborn.  he could care less about signing Lindland.  I guess there has been some chats though about getting him.  I think with the weak middleweight divison Dana is going to be pressed to sign someone to contend.  It very well may be Matt Lindland.  I’m glad to see Jeremy Horn step in for the Marquardt fight, he is a quality add, but not a Matt Lindland quality. 

Paulo Filho

I never had considered Dana White’s stubborness a good thing, however if he is too stubborn to sign Lindland he very well could out of pure stubborness go and sign Filho.  Filho is unquestionably the number 2 middleweight, but will never likely fight Anderson Silva because of their friendship.  The only reason Filho would move to the UFC would be to get the belt.  Perhaps if Henderson wins we could see Filho.  I still think Matt Lindland stands a better chance.

Gilbert Melendez

Gilbert was considered one of the best lightweights until his recent loss to Ishida.  He still is a top 5-10 guy.  I’d like to see him against top tier UFC talent.  His recent loss could provoke a move to UFC.  I wouldn’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t bank on it.  I think Melendez likes fighting the lesser talent and winning most of the time.

Jake Shields

He has said he would like to fight for the UFC, but he holds the EliteXC title.  He could come, but I think he just signed an extension with EliteXC. Dana never has done great with the Diaz Brothers so perhaps their friendship to Jake will hurt this.  I don’t rule out Nick being back though.  Perhaps Nick Diaz and Jake Shields would be a package deal as well as their bud Gilbert Melendez. 

Takanori Gomi

I think there is a good chance we will see Gomi.  Perhaps the most likely of all these guys to land in the UFC and the most likely to get Dana’s respect and the big bucks.

 Other guys who may be on the radar: Vitor Belfort, Denis Kang, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler


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