Best MMA Family

Which family has the best fighters.   

1. The Gracies – Credit them with the UFC and MMA explosion.  They revolutionized all MMA.  If you are a Gracie you can fight.  The depth and legacy of the Gracie family gets them the number one spot

2. The Shamrocks –  Not now, but all around Frank and Ken have done a lot for the sport that is why they are ranked so high. 

3. The Emelianenkos –  What else do I have to say besides Fedor.  Fedor is the best all around in the world, but Aleks is not bad either, again often overlooked by his brother.  He is a top ten heavyweight as well.

4. The Nogueiras – The Nogs are great.  Both are top level fighters.  Both could hold titles.  They are well rounded, this is why they are above the Ruas.  I believe Shogun and Big Nog could cancel each other out, but little Nog is a better fighter than Ninja.

5. The Ruas – Shogun is one of the best and overshadows his brother “Ninja”.  Both are top level fighters.  Shogun alone put this group high on the list

6. The Diazs –  Nick showed great promise and still has great potential.  Nate is in the same boat that is why they are above the Lauzons. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nate climb the lightweight ladder quickly.

7. The Lauzons – Dan and Joe are not bad and have the potential to move up the family rankings.  Both could become contenders.

I guess that seals the deal since Anderson Silva and Wanderlai Silva are not related and Tyson Griffin is not brother to Forrest Griffin.


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