UFC News: Shogun vs. Chuck Liddell

It appears that Chuck Liddell will take on Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  It almost seems destine that the winner of this fight will get the next crack at the title.  That presents some interesting possibilites.  You could have a Shogun vs. Forrest Griffin re-match and you could have a Rampage vs. Liddell re-match.  Shogun also has already beaten Jackson once, so the revenge factor could come into play for the champ.  It seems that Chuck didn’t get his wish of a Jardine re-match which could be in his favor right now.  Shogun is a much better fighter though than Jardine.  It seems the fight will be in June, perhaps UFC 85.  It could serve as a co-main event with the Jackson vs. Griffin fight.  My guess is it will be soon announced that Jardine is fighting as rumored at UFC 83, and there are only 2 maybe 3 possibilites.  My guess is for a Jardine vs. Wanderlai Silva match.  You could see a Jardine vs. Sokodjou match.  Those are the only top 12 light heavyweights not currently booked for a fight besides Jardine.  Now, Jardine could take a step down and fight Gouveia, but I suspect the Dean of Mean to fight the Axe Murderer.  This would establish a clear top 5 by the the end of June in the light heavyweight divison. 

1. Jackson vs. Griffin winner

2. Liddell vs. Rua winner (for #1 contender)

3. Thiago Silva vs. Rashad Evans winner

4. Wanderlai vs. Jardine winner (if that is the fight)

5. Machida vs. Ortiz winner (I expect it to Machida)

 I do not know how the Shogun Liddell match would work, but I think it would be a good fight.  If you think Shogun cannot strike, think again.  He beat the fire out of Quinton Jackson and Ricardo Arona.  His kicks are good.  I wonder if he can take a punch.  It just takes one Chuck punch to rattle you.  If he can get Chuck down, it is good night Chuck.  For some reason people want to go toe to toe with Liddell, I guess to prove something.  Ain’t no shame in taking him down and submitting him.  Liddell does have good wrestling and take down defense.  A failed take down would spell defeat for Rua.  Hopefully we see a Shogun in better condition.  I will pick Shogun to win that fight. 


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see someone doesn’t forget who Shogun is and what he’s accomplished. Anyone counting Rua entirely out after one loss (at least his first in the UFC) should seriously check out his past fights (Shogun has fought in the states before, under the same rules as in the UFC and was hugely succesful), because if you are of that opinion you most certainly haven’t seen Shogun fight before his debut in the UFC.

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