UFC 81 Thoughts

  • Frank Mir looked solid.  Granted he got beat around for a minute or two, he pulled out a great submission and is a great ground fighter, especailyl for a heavyweight.  He is a real contender and could be anyone in this divison.  Tim Syliva doesn’t stand a chance redeeming this loss.  Frank Mir is back and will climb into title contention with one more win. Frank is back.  Maybe not pre-accident Frank Mir, but he is still solid. 
  • Brock Lesnar is for real.  He beat Frank Mir bad for a few minutes.  He still has a long way to go, but he can ground and pound.  For his sake I hope one of the big time gyms invotes him to train with them because with some training he will be a champ.  That was good for the sport, except it was weird seeing Stone Cold, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker at a UFC event.  Brock Lesnar is a force in the UFC, perhaps Mir was the worst match up for him style wise.  He would have killed Tim Sylvia.
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is tough as nails.  He almost gets knocked out more than anyone.  I knew if he could get to the ground he would win.  Finally when he got Sylvia I was glad.  He is a serious champ in this divison.  He will be hard to beat because few other heavyweights have a ground game.  If Couture doesn’t want him, then it looks like Werdum will get him.  If Randy is all about fighting the best, he better look to Nogueira who is a top 2 or 3 heavyweight in the world behind only Fedor.  I don’t know why Randy wouldn’t want to fight him. 
  • Tim Sylvia has no ground game.  This was obvious before, but more so then. He ha s a lot of weaknesses including the clinch and the ground.  He is on his way out the door.
  • Chris Lytle is unerrated.  Chris “Lights Out” Lytle absolutley destroyed Kyle Bradley.  I was impressed.  He is under the radar in the welterweight divison.  If he fights like that against most fighters he will climb the ladder fast.  Everyone talks about Matt Serra, but don’t forget Serra won TUF on a split decision.  Lytle is a force and will geta  good fight next in the UFC.
  • Tyson Griffin has stand up.  Tyson Griffin got the best of Tibau.  Griffin has never impressed me too much and have always thought he was overrated.  Tyson Griffin is a good stand up fighter.  He is a serious top ten lightweight.
  • Nate Marquardt is a top 4 middleweight.  Nate Marquardt is not the most marketable fighter, but he is good.  He is a top four middleweight.  I would like to see him fight Rich Franklin.  He handled a great fighter in Jeremy Horn and endured a near submission.
  • Ricardo Almeida is back.  I do not know how good he is, but he looked good, real good.  That flip of Yundt sinking in the choke was great.  Alan Belcher is lucky he got sick.  Almeida is a contender and in my opinion Belcher backing out places Almeida higher ranked than Belcher now.
  • Tim Boetsch.  Wow!  He had no preparation time and he slaughtered a good fighter in David Heath.  He could be good.  He thre Heath like a rag doll.  I will be interested to see how he does in his next fight.  He should get a good mid-level fighter and have time to prepare and train.

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