When Will Brock Lesnar Fight Next?


In short he will fight at UFC 85 in June, which will be held in London, England.  I do not know how many events will take place in June, I do not there will be one UFC and the Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale.  On the June UFC 85 card we should look to see Shogun vs. Liddell, possibly this is where Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will fight Forrest Griffin unless they fight at the finale (unlikely) or there are two pay per view events in June sandwiching the TUF Finale.  Also, we can be sure that Marcus Davis will fight on this card.  He will get a good opponent, maybe Mike Swick.  Then it seems that Brandon Vera has announced he will fight in June.  My guess is he fights Brock Lesnar.  The one reason this may not happen is because the heavyweight divison needs stars and both Lesnar and Vera could be those stars and pitting them against one another would hurt one of them.  Perhaps they could both fight different opponent.

Brock Lesnar is for real.  I think he could be most heavyweights.  I’d like to see him fight Cro Cop or Tim Sylvia.  Time will only tell


3 Responses

  1. I know this much—if Mir or anyone else is counting on beating Lesnar with the same type of submission with which Mir “won”, they’d better devise a more relaiable plan ’cause Lesnar was, in plain words, wrecking Mir’s face and was about ready to lobotomize or decapitate him.

  2. he’s a bitch i will kick his ass with my DICK!!

  3. Ye his nxt opponent will have to be half decent! Mir had just come back off a motorbike crash n could hardly train and still beat him whilst cotoure is a natural light heavyweight whos past it n e way! Brock nd be fighting arlovski n co there aint no comparison! Hes only at the top as an advert 4ufc thats how he didn av to climb the rankings unlike true pros, he may think hes good now but wait till all the other fighters talent will shine thru and he wont even b able to get a title shot FACTS

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