Will Randy Couture Fight Minatauro Nogueira?

In most sports I find a team I like and stick by them through think and thin.  My teams do not always win, afterall I am a Redskins fand in football and an Orioles fan in baseball.  Mixed Martial Arts is a bit different, it is harder to have one particular guys you like the most.  I have to admit there are 4 or 5 guys I really like and 4 or 5 guys I really don’t like.  When I first got into MMA one guy stood out to me as the guy I wanted to root for and that was “The Natural” Randy Couture, Captain America.  Even more so when he came back and fought Tim Sylvia, who is one of those guys I just don’t like I jumped on the Randy bandwagon.  Then came the Gonzaga fight and people were ruling him out, I cheered for Randy unlike I have any other fighter.  I like Randy.  I think he is classy.  I think he is a good fighter.  I think he is intelligent and articulate.  You cannot help but root for him.  I have thought a lot about this situation with Randy and the UFC.  His main gripes are he feels he is owed more money and he wants Fedor.  I am sure Dana is not perfect, in fact Dana White can be quite stubborn.  However, it seems Randy Couture can too.  I always saw Randy as a great ambassador for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.  However, i am starting to think he is wrong.  I can’t blame him for wanting more money, but goodness gracious he made as much as anyone in the UFC.  I can’t blame him in this stage of his career for wanting the Fedor fight, but goodness gracious it didn’t happen.  I think you could make a case that Dana messed up the Fedor situation. 

    The UFC is still calling Randy Couture the Heavyweight champion.  The intermim title was fought for by Nogueira and Sylvia with Nogueira winning the fight.  My understanding is Randy Couture will be offered a fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the undisputed UFC Heavyweight title.  What is he going to do?  I think he will do nothing.  He won’t take the fight.  He won’t back down.  I think he is wrong for that.  So he wants to fight the best fighters in the world and Fedor is considered the best.  The UFC couldn’t ink Fedor so who is the second best heavyweight in the world besides Randy?  Nogueira.  What a good fight that would be.  You know why I don’t think Randy will fight, because he may loose!  I seriously doubt Randy Couture givesa  rip about my blog posts or my opinions, but if for some reason he reads this, as a huge fan of MMA, UFC and Randy Couture, take the fight.  Make things right with the UFC and leave on top of your game in good standing.  Fight Nogueira.  Take out the other guys people rank ahead of you.  If you loose to Nogueira you won’t be able to beat Fedor.  The Fedor fight is an MMA dream match.  I wish it would have worked out, but Nogueira would be a good match.  Tons of questions would swirl.  Could Randy knockout Nogueira for the first time?  Can Nogueira submit Randy?  Can Randy ground and pound Nogueira while avoiding submissions?  Their strengths are so different and the fight could be so good.  Own up Randy!  After you beat Nogueira then go and fight Fedor.  If you take this fight I will root for you all the way against anmyone you fight, but if you don’t you will prove that you are greedy, selfish, stubborn, and scared!  I don’t think he will take the fight, but I can hope can’t I?  If Randy doesn’t take it, the belt will be Nogueira’s and Werdum will get the shot at the title.  Randy has already done some damage to the UFC and the UFC heavyweight divison is in trouble.  Within a month the UFC could loose 3 top ten fighters officially (Randy, Arlovski, and Cro Cop). Those three guys in another organization like M1 with Fedor could hurt the UFC.  That could make for a long reign for Nogueira as the UFC Heavyweight champ.


3 Responses

  1. you know. I agree with you 100%. If Randy leaves off the carrer that gave him his “worthy” name of Randy then it will leave a very bitter taste in a lot of fans mouths. Randy appered to be a true people’s champ. You know the “real” American hero, like the true story of Rocky, but now his true colors are starting to really shine and it really upsets me. All of this should have been done behind closed doors and out of the publics eye. i mean Fedor did not sign with UFC then Randy should have took it as a fact that Fedor is scared to fight Randy, or any of the best heavyweights the UFC has to offer. Randy would have had a leg to stand on, but now he just looks like a selfish coward

  2. Randy has nothing to prove to anyone! The guy is the most accomplished talented fighter in the world. The guys 44 years old. There is nobody fighting close to his age. He doesn’t need UFC or anyother organization. He just wanted to fight Fedor, on a personal test, because Fedor has never lost. Randy is the king of upsets! I dont think Randy could beat Fedor, but he would have the best chance of anybody. Fighting at that age is really tough on the body or any age. Give him a break, he has nothing to prove anymore. He will always be one the best heavyweights in the world.

  3. Check your facts – Randy was offered a substantial amount to fight Fedor and declined for a much less competitive and much less paying fight.

    Randy should fight Nog, but he isn’t going to because Nog would submit him. People saying, “Randy has nothing left to prove…” – Yes he does, it is his job to fight.

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