The Impact of UFC 82

I believe that UFC 82 had a much greater impact that some will see right away.  Let us look at some of the impacts and break it down…

1. Many of the top tier welterweights competed and won their fights (Fitch, Koscheck and Sanchez)

2.  Jon Fitch established himself as the next guy to get a title shot, sorry Karo. 

3. The Heavyweight divison lost a contender in Checik Kongo.  Kongo dropped in the rankings following his loss to Herring.  Previously Kongo was in line for a title shot if he had pulled off a win.

4.  The title in the Heavyweight divison is a mess.  You still have Randy Couture.  You have Nogueira and the Interim Champ.  Initially, Dana White suggested that Fabricio Werdum was in line to get the next title shot after his win over Gabriel Gonzaga.  However, it appears Werdum will fight Brandon Vera this summer.  I doubt they could hold off a title defense until after the outcome of that fight.  I believe the UFC expected Kongo to win and get the title shot.  I will write more on this later. 

5.  Anderson Silva solidified himself as the top pound for pound fighter in the world and caused everyone to wonder if anyone can ever take his middleweight belt.  If anyone was to beat him I thought it would be Dan Henderson.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Dan fought badly, I just think Anderson is that good.  I believe the UFC is now forced to find another contender.  It looks like Yushin Okami will get the next shot, and I believe it is well deserved.  However, if Silva beats Okami he has literally cleaned out the top of the divison, who will contend Cote? Bisping? Kampmann?  The UFC can either let him walk through the three or four other guys he has yet to beat or they can sign a top tier guy to challenge him.  I see only two options: Matt Lindaland and Paulo Filho.  Or someone can drop down from light heavyweight (Wanderlai) or go up from welterweight (St. Pierre or Hughes). 

5. Evan Tanner’s comeback was halted.  Can he compete in the UFC? Yes.  Can he re-gain hsi title?  I doubt it.  Okami by the way looked very good and I believe is very underrated.  I don’t think Anderson Silva will walk over him and he deserves the next title shot. 


One Response

  1. People continue to tout Lindland and Filho like they’re real or practical possible options.

    Paulo Filho and Anderson Silva not only trains together they both have the same manager. They both stated that they would not compete against each other.

    Dana White has no intentions of signing Matt Lindland.

    The only other options at this point is Okami, Cote, Kampmann, Almeida and maybe some rematches with Lutter, Marquardt and Henderson who all feel they can beat Anderson. Unfortunately time is ticking fast, Anderson recently stated he intends to stop fighting after 3 years or so.

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