UFC 83 Predictions

Jonathan Goulet vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka

Bo-ring!  Goulet by decison.

Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris

Cain by TKO in round 1.  I predict this guy will be good.  He will make a statement, at least the UFC hopes he does.  The UFC has blown the Heavyweight divison and they need a contender.  They dropped O’Brien and Sylvia.  Arlovski could be gone.  Could a newcomer take the divison by storm.  We shall see.

Ed Herman (Ranked #16) vs. Demian Maia (Ranked #26)

Ed Herman has looked good of late.  I predict he wins via TKO in round 2.

Sam Stout (Ranked #20) vs. Rich Clementi (ranked 18)

A decison would be a win for Stout probably.  Stout should have the best of the standup.  Clementi better take this one to the ground.  I predict he does it and does it early in round 2 after learning in round 1 that Sam Stout is tough as nails.  Clementi by submission in round 2. 

Jason MacDonald (Ranked #9) vs. Joe Doerksen

MacDonald has struggled against the top level guys, but he is a legiy top 10 middleweight.  I think he beat Doerksen by TKO in round 1.

Alan Belcher (Ranked #14) vs. Jason Day

Belcher would be the more popular pick, but he didn’t convince me in the Starnes fight.  Albeit he opened up one of the worst cuts I have seen on him.  Day has fought some good competition and I think he wins this fight by unanimous decision.

Mac Danzig (Ranked #15) vs. Mark Bocek

Mac is a competitor at this weight class.  He walked through TUF easier than anyone has.  I think at 155 he will be a top 10 type guy.  I think Mac wins by submission in round 1. 

Michael Bisping (Ranked # 11) vs. Charles McCarthy

I admit I am a Bisping hater.  Ever since he pulled out the worst decision in UFC history I have been anti-Bisping.  The drop to middleweight was a good move for him though.  He can win there.  He won’t beat Anderson Silva, but he can contend with the middle of the pack well.  McCarthy isn’t even a middle of the pack guy.  I will root for McCarthy, but Bisping will make a good showing and win by ref stoppage in round 3. 

Kalib Starnes (Ranked #22) vs. Nate Quarry (Ranked #15)

This is a tough pick.  Starnes is tough.  Quarry is still an iffy guy coming off back problems.  He looked good though his last outing.  I think Quarry wins via decision.

Rich Franklin (Ranked # 3) vs. Travis Lutter (Ranked # 10)

This could be a tough fight for Rich.  I am a huge Rich fan, but Lutter is great on the ground.  Rich better drop him and pound him out before Lutter can get his senses.  Lutter is great on the ground.  Rich should have the better of the stand up.  I pick Rich Franklin by ref stoppage in round 2. 

Georges St. Pierre (Ranked #1) vs. Matt Serra (Ranked #2)

I don’t like Serra, but he did beat St. Pierre.  I think this is a tough match for him.  He will fight an angry St. Pierre in his hometown.  St. Pierre looked determined against Hughes to get his belt back.  I pick St. Pierre by  ref stoppage in round 4. 

Upset watch: Kalib Starnes over Nate Quarry, Sam Stout over Rich Clementi and Travis Lutter over Rich Franklin


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