Upcoming UFC Fights

I love to play the guessing game with what fights will be booked.  This summer has some good fights planned.  UFC 85 was pulled out of near failure by Matt Hughes and Thiago Alves.  UFC 86 will feature Jackson vs. Griffin for the title.  UFC 87 will have Lesnar vs. Coleman.  It was just announced that UFC 88 will take place September 6.  I thought that Lesnar vs. Coleman was going to be the main event of UFC 87, but UFC.com says otherwise.  There is apparently another bout to be announced.  That means between UFC 87 and UFC 88 there are two main event fights to be announced.  Here are the possibilities…

  • Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch – This fight is going to happen for sure it is just a question of when.  My bet is that this will be on one of the cards main event or co-main event.  I see this at UFC 88 the main event.
  • Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami –  This fight is also likely to happen.  I would predict this one to be a UFC 87 bout  because it doesn’t stand alone as a main event well because Yushin Okami is not that marketable, but you add it as a co-main event with Lesnar vs. Coleman and it has more draw.
  • Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson  –  This could be a UFC 88 bout, but not as the main event.  I look for this fight to happen.  It just makes sense. 
  • Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra – My guess is that this will be on the October card, along with the return of Chuck Liddell.  Matt Hughes says that win or lose he is fighting Serra next. 
  • Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua – This fight seems like it could happen we just don’t know when these guys will recover.  Shogun mentioned maybe fighting in September, but I think that is a bit early.  I’d lean towards October or November for this fight.  The winner would be in title talk along with the winner of Jardine/Silva. 

Don’t be shocked if after UFC 84 of 85 one of the guys on that card will fight there.  There are some great fighters on the next two cards who could be featured on a main card by August or September.  I imagine outcomes of these fights may play a role. 


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