MMA News: Brian Stann vs. Steven Cantwell in August

WEC light heavyweight champion “All America” Brian Stann is scheduled to take on Steve Cantwell for his first title defense on August 6.  I guess this will be WEC 35.  Stann and Cantwell have already fought and it wasn’t even close.  Stann knocked out Cantwell in 41 seconds.  The re-match for the title doesn’t make much sense, but I guess WEC doesn’t have many guys to throw at him.  They could give him a Doug Marshall re-match. 

   No more information has been given about this card, but I figure on this card we will also see Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen fight for the title again.  Should be a good card…WEC is doing a great job putting on good cards. 


One Response

  1. Sounds like the inexperienced and uneducated opinion of a casual fight fan. Come August 3rd keep that opinion in mind as you see a COMPLETELY different fight than the first time. There was no knockout, Steven Cantwell was leaning too far forward after a hook and Brian Stann landed the same shot that put GSP in trouble with Matt Serra, followed by illegal strikes to the back of the head and a bad stoppage as Steven Cantwell got ahold of Stanns leg. Don’t get me wrong, Stann is a tough, athletic guy and a pretty strong stiker but trust me, you have yet to see even close to what Cantwell has to offer.

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