UFC News: Heath Herring vs. Brock Lesnar

When the UFC announced Brock Lesnar’s next opponent as Mark Coleman, I thought it was the UFC’s attempt to get a win for Lesnar over a proven fighter, but one he could beat because he was past his prime.  Lesnar needs that win to earn the respect.  I think Brock will be a great fighter as he is a great athlete.  In my opinion, they put him in against a top guy to quickly.   He almost pulled out a win against Mir.  He needs a guy he can take down and ground and pound.  Coleman is out with a knee injury, so he was going to replace him?  I predicted it would be Justin McCully.  However, it looks to be Heath Herring.  There is good and bad to this math up.  The bad: Heath Herring is experienced and has fought the best of the best in his career, Herring is tough and can hang with top guys.  Herring nearly beat Nogueira and he beat Kongo.  We will see how Lesnar does taking a kick and a punch.  Herring seems to be renewed andlooked great against Kongo.  The good:  Herring is a good fighter and a win catapolts him into a state of being legit.  If he can get Herring down and get on him and beat him I think he will win.  This is interesting.  Brock needs a win here.  The other good is Brock will nearly always be much, much bigger than his opponent and will out wrestle anyone.  Good match up I think if it holds true. 

    This is shaping to be a good card.  I expect one more televised card worthy fight to be added.  That would mean we would have St. Pierre vs. Fitch.  Lesnar vs. Herring.  Huerta vs. Florian and one more good bout at least. 

MMAWeekly.com has confirmed that Heath Herring has agreed to fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 87 on Aug. 9 when the Ultimate Fighting Championship makes its debut in Minneapolis, Minn.

Lesnar was originally slated to face UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman in the main event of UFC 87. Coleman, however, suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in training, which will sideline him for at least six weeks. He was forced to withdraw from the bout with Lesnar due to the injury.

Herring has been on a roller coaster ride since his UFC debut in January of 2007. The former Pride heavyweight title contender has gone 2-2 in the Octagon, most recently defeating Cheick Kongo at UFC 82 in Columbus, Ohio.

I disagree with MMAweekly, where they said on their site that Lesnar had a “less than stellar performance against Mir”.  I think Lesnar looked great. he just got caught.  He was beating Mir badly and even through a loss showed he is for real.  With some more training he will be a force.  I think of him as one of the up and coming guys in the UFC Heavyweight divison.  The fight with Herring is important. 


7 Responses

  1. I think Brock Lesnar has a good chance of beating Heath Herring at UFC 87, especially if he’s been seriously working on his ground game as he should. He’s a huge guy with tremendous power(just ask Mir), he opened up Mir pretty quickly, if Frank didn’t get the kneebar the ref woulda stopped it due to the barrage of hammer fists and elbows Lesnar was dropping. Give him a chance the MMA game is fairly new to Brock, u need more then 2 fights to get good, I think he’ll eventually be an unstoppable force in the UFC, maybe even then next Heavyweight champion!!

  2. Heath Herring needs stand up with brock and throw bombs. Heath needs to sprawl and trade shots. Heath will out box Brock. Brock does not have to the stand up yet. Brock will be a wrestler first and others second. Heath Needs to do what he did to chieck Kongo.

  3. brock is a beast and will destroy heath stand up or on the ground .

  4. this is going to be a tough one for heath. he needs to stay standing and sprawl away from attacks like cro cop in pride. herring needs to be quick to avoid take downs. brock with probably come out hard and aggressive as usual. he needs to stick with his game plan from his k1 match, take him down and pound him out.

  5. Lesnar will destroy all of his “competition” in the Heavy Weight Division of the UFC. Then he will be champ. Then he will HAVE to face some more worthy competition in the likes of Josh Barnett, Mirko Cro Cop and even Fedor himself.

    But seriously, there is no one in the UFC Heavyweight Division that can come close to beating this Manster Lesnar.

  6. GSP is still the man to watch more, he keeps getting better and better

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