My WEC 34 Predictions

Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver

This is being billed as the biggest fight in WEC history.  I think it is big, but it isn’t that big.  Urijah Faber is one of the stars of the WEC.  Jens Pulver is a near legend.  Urijah Faber is one of the best pound for pound guys in the world.  Jens Pulver has never lost at 145 lbs.  Urijah Faber has dominated the WEC featherweight divison.  Jens Pulver is a former 155 lb. champ.  I think Faber will prove to be too versatile and too much.  The edge goes to Faber because he trained for this fight with B.J. Penn.  Of course we know B.J. Penn recently beat Pulver.  Training with B.J. is a huge advantage because Faber can get advice from a guy who fought Pulver twice.  Pulver may be good and yes he looked good against Cub Swanson, but he isn’t Urijah Faber good.  I am excitied about this fight, but I have to pick Faber to win by submission is round 2. 

Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Miguel Torres has quickly become a MMA star.  He is mentioned as also one of the top pound for pound guys.  Maeda seems to be a solid fighter with a great record.  However, the time is now for Torres.  Miguel has an amazing record of 33-1.  This is his first title defense and I don’t expect him to lose it or for it to go to 5 rounds.  Torres is great on the ground.  I expect the height to be a huge advantage and for Torres to submit Maeda in round 3. 

Chuck Grigsby vs. Mark Munoz

Kenneth Alexander vs. Rob McCullough

Rob McCullough lost his belt and he wants it back.  The WEC has had some belt transitions as Doug Marshall, Rob McCullough, and Chase Bebee all lost their belts.  McCullough stands the best chance of getting his back.  I think he will come out and win by TKO or KO in round 1. 

Mike Brown vs. Jeff Curran

Curran is ranked as one of the best in his weight class.  Brown will give him a contest though. He is American Top trained and has beated some good fighters and has fought some of the best.  Curran would lose this, but I will pick Curran to win via unanimous decision.

Chase Beebe vs. Will Ribeiro

Ribeiro can KO people apparently, but I expect Beebe to win by unanimous decision.  He wants a re-match with Torres and will eventually get one.

Tim McKenzie vs. Jeremy Lang

Luis Sapo vs. Alex Serdyukov

Jose Aldo vs. Alexandre Nogueira

Dominick Cruz vs. Charlie Valencia


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  1. I love MMA and the WEC.

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