My Thoughts on WEC 34


·         I thought that the show as a whole was very good.  In fact, I feel that it was a stark contrast to EliteXC on CBS Saturday.   The WEC card had little show and focused on the fights.  The fights were great and well worth watching.  All I can say is what a difference a day makes.

·         I thought the show started off a little slow.  The Rob McCullough fight was nothing special.  I really expected to see him come out and look for a knock out, but he didn’t at all.  In fact, I believe that the fight could have been judged for Alexander. 

·         Honestly, I don’t have much to say about the first three fights because they were slightly disappointing

·         However, when Miguel Torres and Yoshiro Maeda fought I was impressed.  That was an incredible fight.  It was technical, it had great striking, and it was action packed.  I was thrilled with that fight.  I predicted Torres to win that fight and I sure didn’t expect Maeda to be such a game opponent.  He has some great striking and one heck of a chin.  That eye sure did look messed up that caused the fight to be stopped!  Miguel Torres proved that he is the best bantamweight around and one of the best pounds for pound fighters in the world.  There will not be anyone who beats Torres at 135 any time soon.  I loved seeing the display of class in defeat from Maeda when he raised the hand in the air of the victorious Miguel Torres.

·         All I can about the Faber vs. Pulver fight is wow!  Perhaps that will be the fight of the year!  It was a five round war.  I have always thought Faber was good and dominant at 145, but now I think he is the most dominant champion around.  His name should be thrown around with Anderson Silva.  Jens Pulver was tougher than I expected.  He took an absolute beating and withstood it.  He would get rocked then just grin and press forward.  Urijah Faber showed he can do more than just ground and pound someone, he has awesome stand up and a powerful right hand, that I cannot believe did not knockout Pulver.  Jens Pulver showed some serious determination.  Also, how about how classy those guys handled themselves throughout the whole process.  They never trash talked, they had nothing but good to say about each other.  All I can say is Urijah Faber is dominant at Featherweight.  He is a top 5 pound for pound guy in the world.  I have no idea how he is only 145.  The question for everyone will be: what is next for Faber?  I don’t see the logic in staying at featherweight in the WEC, he will just keep winning.  He has mentioned the possibility of moving up to avenge his loss to Tyson Griffin.  Urijah Faber dominated the fight, but hats off to Pulver for his enduring a beating.  The guy’s right eye side of his face looked like E.T. when the fight was over.  I scored the fight 50-45, but it was a great fight and Pulver did well against the champ.  One thing is I don’t fully understand why Pulver didn’t utilize that powerful left hand more often.  It shows how awesome Urijah is.  I became a Faber fan last night.   The California Kid is an awesome fighter, well rounded and dominant at his size. 



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