TUF News: Mir’s Coaches For TUF 8

MMAWeekly reports that the coaches for Frank Mir’s team have been announced:

The Ultimate Fighter 8 features former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and current interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as the head coaches. Two of Mir’s assistant coaches have been revealed according to a report on Tatame.com. Rafael Alejarra will serve as strength and conditioning coach, while multiple time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Robert Drysdale will take on the role, of course, of jiu-jitsu coach.

In an interview with Tatame, Alejarra stated that the show is already in production and that he will assist Mir in getting his team ready, as the former champion asked him for assistance during the season.

Alejarra has served as conditioning coach most prominently of late to former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva, instituting his now famous “snorkel” training to help cardio and breathing during fights.

He also revealed Drysdale as the jiu-jitsu coach in the interview, but stated that because of his longtime relationship with Nogueira, the opposing coach on the show, that he would not train Mir personally for his fight against the champion.


Two interesting thoughts real quick:

1. Who will be Nogueira’s coaches?  He probably has some great MMA connections and the list could go on.  I believe I heard a rumor that Anderson Silva with whom Nogueira just opened a gym will at least be a guest appearance.  I wonder if Minatuaro’s brother will help any or maybe some other Brazilian fighter like Wanderlei or Shogun.

2. Mir’s coach Drysdale will not train Mir.  Interesting.  I also wonder if TUF contestants will do the Wanderlei snorkel training.


One Response

  1. I recently went to train with Minotauro and Silva and Was talking to them

    I heard that Anderson Silva was going to help coach and Lyoto Machida aswell, If they get the chance they will Bring in Rogerio Noguiera or Wanderlei Silva

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