MMA News: Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen in September

It looks like Paulo Filho is out of rehab and is preparing for his next fight…

The WEC middleweight champion will be back on the octagon at September. After beating Chael Sonnen at WEC 31, Paulo Filho had to listen his opponent say that he hadn’t tapped and that Paulo ran out of a rematch, settled down to WEC 34, when the Brazilian fighter had problems with depression. “Paulão has 98kg now, and he’s already losing weight. The contract arrives here tomorrow and he’ll sign for the fight at September 10th. We’ll give Sonnen a rematch, because he keeps saying that he didn’t tapped and all those things, and now Paulo well keep hurting him until the judge tells him to stop”, guarantees Josuel Distak, Paulo Filho’s coach.

I am guessing that the fight will be WEC 36 on September 10.  The first Sonnen fight was a good fight, but I agreed with the ref stoppage and think Sonnen was going to have a broken arm if it wasn’t stopped.  It could be a good re-match.  I do not think Filho was at his best when they fought and we will see here how he does following a stint in rehab.  WEC 35 will take place in August with three title belts on the line. 


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