UFC News: Chuck Liddell To Fight In September

UFC president Dana White recently told ESPN The Magazine that the organization is, in fact, heading to Atlanta, Georgia for a September event and that former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ and star Chuck Liddell is headlining the event.  We knew of Liddell’s return, but we do not know who the return will be against.  The two names that have been thrown around are Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  Rua was the original fight that was to take place at UFC, but both Liddell and Rua sustained injuries.  Rua seemed like a likely opponent for the return of both fighters until two events unfolded.

1. Sokoudjou called out Shogun after his win at UFC 84

2. Wanderlei Silva KO’d Keith Jardine, thrusting him into serious title contention

My bet is on Wanderlei and I will explain why in a later post… The event will probably be UFC 87.  MMA fans in Atlanta should be excited for this.  I will be surprised if the UFC doesn’t do their best to get Forrest Griffin on that card since he is a Georgia boy.  However, if Forrest wins in July it could be hard to find a game opponent for the title.  It wouldn’t be Liddell yet as I am sure his opponent is already known, but my prediction is that Griffin will lose his fight to Rampage on July 5th and barring any serious injury we could see Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine II or Forrest Griffin vs. Shogun II.  We will see next week as a major announcment is pending. 


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