UFC News: Anderson Silva Offered to Fight At Light Heavyweight

He [Dana White] promised an announcement that will blow people’s minds on Thursday. Don’t necessarily read anything into this as being the announcement, but I do know that they have talked with Anderson Silva about being on the card and fighting at light heavy and he wasn’t opposed to it, but there was nothing agreed to as of last week.”

Obviously, we do not know if Anderson Silva will take a fight at Light Heavyweight, but the offer is out there and the dream match ups can begin to be thought up.  The reasoning for such an offer is because Anderson has literally cleaned out the middleweight divison and there are not many serious contenders.  He could fight Yushin Okami, but moving up makes more sense.  I do not know if it would be a permanent move up with him vacating the middleweight title or if he would fight in both classes or if he would just fight once at light heavyweight.  The rumors have swirled about Rich Franklin moving up to avoid Anderson Silva, but this is new to hear of Anderson moving up.  The rumor I have heard is Anderson Silva moving up to fight Chuck Liddell in September at UFC 88.  This would make for a UFC superfight and would draw a huge rating.  Now, I do not think that this is the huge announcement to be made next week, but it could be related.  I still think that a network deal will be announced and that the first card on the newtwork television will be UFC 88 featuring Chuck Liddell vs. Anderson Silva.  Imagine: if Kimbo vs. Thompson drew 6.51 million viewers what would Liddell vs. Anderson Silva do on network televison.  I suspect over 10 million!  I kind of wonder why Silva wouldn’t be given an immediate title shot if he moved up, but a win over Liddell at Light Heavyweight would make him next in line for Rampage’s belt and then we can see if he can start to clean out the light heavyweight divison.  Talk about a legacy. 


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  1. I agreed with you

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