Rumor: Floyd Mayweather to the UFC

According to Wrestling Edge, one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has signed a deal with the UFC.  This from

I just got off the phone with a source very close to the situation and I am told that Floyd Mayweather and his representatives have been in contact with UFC’s Dana White as late as Wednesday but “possibly as late as last night” according to the source.

Okay, this is interesting because Mayweather just retired from boxing.  I don’t know how he would do in MMA. 

Apparently Dana White was quoted as saying that the UFC is “due to have an all star caliber boxer make the jump to MMA to help legitimize the sport,” to Setanta Sports while in the UK yesterday for UFC 85. Would Mayweather really turn down $20 million to beat up on De La Hoya again to make a couple million at the most in the UFC.  Plus, he is very small for the UFC, unless he is going to fight 145 in the WEC.  Several websites and blogs are discussing this possibility and this being the possible big Thursday announcement, but I couldn’t imagine Dana renting a place out to reveal Floyd Maywetaher in the UFC.  It would be big news, but not that big.  I wonder how Mayweather would do.  I think he would have a hard time in MMA if he didn’t learn some ground game.  More on this as it comes.




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  1. I think floyd would do well in mma. Floyd with training would add the aspect of a elite striker much like cro-cop did with his elite kickboxing. I think he could beat sherk. Sherk says he has never wrestled anyone like him well the flip side he has never been punched by a world class striker in the face the fight might of less than sherks prediction of being under 2 min with him being knocked out in 10 seconds.

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