TUF 7 Episode 11

This week saw the first of the semi-final fights between Jesse Taylor and Tim Credeur.  This week spent a lot of time showing scenes from the Ultimate Fighter house.  Also, this week featured the coaches challenge.  The challenge this year was a game of horse, but spelling “The Ultimate Fighter”.  When the coaches talked about their basketball skills Ramapage reveals he stinks at basketball and Forrest reveals he played a little high school ball.  I thought Rampage was just exaggerating, but…he wasn’t.  Forrest killed him in the challenge and even ended it with a dunk.  Who said white men can’t jump? 

    As I said there was a lot of scenes from the house including a scene of everyone getting wasted.  Jesse Taylor drank way too much and proceeded to pee on himself a second time.  This is my blog so I will state my opinion here (you can comment and argue with if you want).  I think it is a shame that these guys portrat themselves like they do.  You can think what you want about drinking, but I think that not only should TUF be looking for new talent, but also should strive to display to the viewers what mixed martial arts is all about.  Every season has shown the same thing: drunkeness, drunkeness and more drunkeness.  Frankly, it ticks me off a bit.  People like Jesse Taylor should have been sober and preparing for a fight.  They should have more respect for property.  That $20,000+ of damage that they senselessly caused could have gone to pay fighters, or better yet could have gone to some people in need around the world.  What a waste.  I just think that many times what we see on TUF is not indiciative of how an MMA fighter should act.  Mixed martial arts has enough critics and enough people against it.  Mixed martial arts has enough stigma to it, and the fighters already are stereo-typed by many as brutes and violent people.  I think the UFC and other MMA organizations need to do better emphasising character of fighers.  I am all for second chances and realize people mess up sometimes.  I also understand not everyone has the same ideas and standards that I have, however there needs to be some punishment for people who act out outside of the octagon.  If I was in charge of UFC rosters thugs like Rob Emerson and Jon Koppenhaver wouldn’t fight in my organization, not because they cannot hack it in the octagon, but because they are poor representatives of the sport.  For me, the one problem I have with watching MMA is the constant foul language from fighters and the emphasis on the party life.  Go ahead disagree with me if you want, this is just my opinion.  I love MMA and think that MMA fighters need more guys who are a postive example, a good role model, and someone that parents can feel confident letting their children look up to.  MMA needs more Matt Hamills, Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierres, Anderson Silvas, Randy Coutures, Kenny Florians and Wanderlei Silvas and less Matt Serras and Tito Ortizs.  One thing I really love about many of the true mixed martial artists, especially your Brazilian and Japanese fighters is their love for fighting, their respect for their opponent, and their incredible sportsmanship (even in defeat).  To them they are not just fighting it is a sport to them.  Okay, enough of my soapbox. 

    The fight was Jesse Taylor vs. Tim Credeur.  I picked Tim to win this fight and picked him to be in the finals from the start.  Round 1, Jesse took Tim down and laid on him while landing some hard shots.  I gave the round 10-8 to Jesse Taylor.  Round 2, was much of the same except Tim did a little better, trying for several submissions and staying in his butterfly guard.  I gave that round 10-9 to Jesse.  Round 3 was much of the same with Jesse winning it 10-9.  I scored the fight 30-26 and two of the judges agreed.  Jesse moves on to the finals. 

    Next week will show the fight between C.B. and Amir as well as a shocking moment, where it looks like someone kicks out a limo window and then is kicked out of the finale and out of the UFC.  I don’t know who it would be, perhaps Jesse Taylor.


5 Responses

  1. I think my ideal ending would be Amir beats CB, Which some say would be an upset…I dont think so personally. Jessie “Broke as a joke” Taylor gets kicked off for being a loose cannon drunk and apparently kicking out a limo window or whatever, not to mention a horrible fighter anyway. In turn Tim Credeur gets a second chance at glory, that unfortunately only leads to getting his clock cleaned by Amir who is undoubtedly the most under rated fighter this season. On another note Its sad that these are the guys that are representing the UFC. I mean I guess its reality TV or whatever but I’m a fighter I can’t imagine just trashing a house like that or I mean just pissing the experience away like some of them do, I have nephews and younger students who love MMA, is this the example they get to look at? I guess it is what it is. GO AMIR!!!!!! All I can say is whoever got kicked off….Ouch thats the mistake of a lifetime, one fight away from a 6 figure contract……Tough pill to swallow, especially if it is infact jesse who has a 3 year old son.
    Last but not least Forrest Griffin upsets Rampage in round 4……What? It could happen….

  2. Well, I disagree with what you had to say about putting emphasis on the fighter’s character. I do agree that it probably helps the sport in the eyes of some to see that the fighters in the UFC and other organizations are very professional and don’t get into trouble outside of the octagon. But if classy, responsible fighters were the only type of guys they look for in the UFC then we might not ever get to see the best fighter out there. Staying in that house on TUF with all these guys, some of which you will have to fight, would be stressful on anyone I believe and people might do things on the show that they wouldn’t normally do, such as destroying the house or whatever. I’m not saying I condone this, but it doesn’t bother me as long as in the end the best fighter emerges from the house, no matter if its another Kenny Florian or a guy like Chris Leban.

  3. I am just one guy, and a lot of things don’t bother some people. Some people are not bothered by foul language, but it bothers me. Some people are not bothered by careless destruction and jeuvinle behavior of people who want to be professionals, but I am. I love this discussion and think it is a valid one. Many of the fighters that I do not like because of those reasons are very polarizing (i.e. Matt Serra).
    There are three reasons I am a big advicate of superior character among fighters.
    1. MMA already has plenty of opponents. They do not need more leverage to dislike it. People notice the extremes, and some of the extremes are hurting the sport of MMA.
    2. Other sports recognize the danger of a negative example of their stars. The NBA has intentionally put rules in place about players character and even their dress. The NFL has suspended people for off the field antics. Why? Because they have to have some accountability. These guys are professionals making good money and they are acting like idiots and they are supposed to be examples for people.
    3. A purely marketing strategy. If you have guys like the Diaz brothers on a show and people watch for the first time it can leave a bad taste in their mouths. Parents will not let kids watch them. I don’t know what rout the UFC is going, but their action figure deal better figure in kids watching the sport and if kids are going to watch the sport the UFC has a responsibility to showcase MMA at its best, watch the language, and in TUF show how people can be professionals. I appreciated guys like Danzig last year who were very professional and intentional about winning, and guys like C.B. Dolloway this year. Keep commenting. Let’s hash this out.

  4. This is first and foremost a reality show. Every season they trash the house. I am sure the UFC has a pretty high security deposit for those places. I could care less if they trash it or not. Who cares, if they don’t get kicked off for it then they are probably encouraged to do so. It has happened almost every year.

  5. Well I would say I had it completely right with exception of Tim and cb fighting for the spot and CB winning! I really dont want to see CB win this thing at all. I am pretty confident he wont go to the ground in the rematch, which is nice for Amir who really only has to tire this guy out again, besides Amir is the superior striker this season. I got all my chips on my boy Amir season 7 winner.
    I definetly agree Dana White really needs to consider the youth of the sport and give the fighters some accountability. I mean I would say that the Jesse Taylor incident is more or less Danas fault. In the same sense of Profesionalism and principle he sent Paul Bradley hope for having herpes or FUNK as it was refered to by Matter Riddle, to make sure none of the other fighters were at risk. He is responsible for all these guys carrers, and in the bigger picture the sport, that he has brought so far. By allowing them to be @$$ clowns for 8 weeks and then turning them loose, he puts alot at risk. Not to say all these guys need it but much like the NBA and the NFL the fighters need to have some respect for the sport and not to mention themselves.

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