UFC News: Rashad Evans to Face Chuck Liddell

It was recently announced that Chuck Liddell would in fact headline the UFC 88 card in September in Atlanta, Georgia.  When rumors began swirling about Anderson Silva jumping up to Light Heavyweight bloggers everywehre salivated, hoping for a super match between the two.  It looks like the two will not fight, but Chuck Liddell will fight Light Heavyweight up and comer Rashad Evans.  According to ESPN the Magazine:

Evans will have his chance to break through in September. According to a UFC source, he will be Chuck Liddell’s mystery opponent in the organization’s debut in Atlanta. The fight has been agreed to in principle—the only thing left is the paperwork. Any kind of win over the Iceman would probably vault Evans into light heavyweight title contention and be a defining moment for him and MMA fans. They’d have to embrace him, right? Right?

We knew that Liddell was fighting in September, but there were many rumors as to who he would fight.  Some people suggested that he would fight his original opponent in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  Others expected a Liddell vs. Silva II fight.  I think both of those fights could eventually happen, but now it appears it is Rashad Evans.  I am not sure about this one.  Rashad is good and this may eb a dangerous fight for Chuck due to his hamstring injury.  However, a win here gets him into the title picture real quick.  The problem with this fight is that it does not remove the crowded top 5-6 of the divison.  Evans is a top ten guy and a win moves him into the heap.  If I was the UFC I would want to uncrowd that loaded top 5 or 6 of Jackson, Griffin, Wanderlei, Lyoto, Chuck, and Shogun.  I would guess they are looking to cement a few guys at the top. 


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