UFC To Have A New Reality Show?

I saw on MMAPayout that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the UFC is going to begin some type of new reality show. 

UFC is going to do a new reality show. I don’t know the details of the show itself, but my impression is it involves Matt Hughes in a big way.

One may wonder, is this the big news that is being announced to the UFC employees today and to the rest of the world on Wednesday?  I guess the answer to that may depend on the scale of the reality show.  I don’t know what the reality show would be.  The Ultimate Fighter format works great as a reality show and showcases young MMA hopefuls trying to get into the big leagues of mixed martial arts.  Here are my thoughts on what it could be….

1. Some type of look into the life of a fighter.  This would make some sense that the first season feature Matt Hughes as he is at a crossroads of his career.  It could showcase the fighter’s life as he prepares for a fight and maybe they could show Matt Hughes as he prepares to fight Matt Serra. 

2. Some type of look into the UFC office.  Perhaps a show like the Apprentice with people comepting for a chance to become a UFC employee…in the office.

3. Some other type of fighter reality.  Perhaps they are taking a no name guy with no MMA experience and trying to train him quickly into a MMA fighter.  Perhaps they are taking a boxer, maybe a big name boxer and training him for MMA, could this be the Mayweather link? 

I really do not know what rout they could be headed with this if it is true.  It could be linked with the network deal that has been rumored.


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