UFC News: UFC Planning a July 19 Event

It is being reported by Sherdog that the UFC is working on an event for July 19.  The purpose is to draw some of the viewers away from Affliction’s inagural card.  Affliction is a new fight promotion that has the backing of people like Donald Trump and has fighters like Fedor Emelianenko and former UFC Hevayweight champ Tim Sylvia.  The UFC wants to have an event to take away some of the viewers from this card and not allow Affliction to get any momentum. Certainly if the UFC develops a quality card it will hurt Affliction’s viewers as many casual MMA fans are unaware of Affliction and many will tune into the UFC card.   This doesn’t leave much time to plan a quality event.

July 19 could become a crowded night for mixed martial arts. The UFC is currently planning an event that Saturday night to be televised live on Spike TV, Sherdog.com has learned from multiple industry sources.
The proposed event would take place the same evening that popular clothing line entrepreneurs Affliction will make their foray into the pay-per-view market with “Banned,” its first MMA event at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. Zuffa’s impromptu event, which is being pulled together on five weeks’ notice, is tentatively scheduled to be held in Las Vegas.
Studied strikers Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera have been approached to clash in a light heavyweight main event, though other combinations of one or both of these fighters are also being considered.

       I have several thoughts on this.  First, it is a brilliant business move.  Some people will be outraged at it, but Affliction is a competitor that has put together a awesome card.  The UFC has to slighlty fear Affliction and worry about what success they could, especially coming off of EliteXC’s success on CBS.  The idea is to squash some momentum and take away some viewers.  The UFC tried this during EliteXC on CBS.  They aired a Chuck Liddell documentary during the EliteXC event, but it wasn’t too successful.  If you get three or four good fights on here it could really take away from Affliction: Banned.  This a a strategic move.   Second, I do not know about the idea of pairing Brandon Vera and Wanderleir Silva.  It seems like a bad match for Wanderlei.  he would be giving up a lot of size.  I have a feeling Vera will drop down into the crowded divison and would instantly be in the top ten talk.  However, I have to imagine the UFC would want Vera and Silva to do well.  I’d like to see both guys at light heavyweight.  However, if the fight pans out and Wanderlei wins, I believe he gets a title shot.  Let’s see what can be worked out.  However, if it is going to make a dent in Affliction’s viewers they need more than two good fights.  The one obstacle is time, and the UFC has a pay per view event two weeks earlier featuring the title fight of Rampage Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin.  From what I understand, this is a long shot.  This could be Dana’s Wednesday announcement.  However, there is a lot of work to do to make this work and work efftively. 


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