The Ultimate Fighter Episode 12

This is it, the last episode.  This figh between Amir and C.B. will determine the finale.  The fight began right away and lived up to hype.  C.B. came ought and brough it.  He looked good.  For two rounds I believe he won the fight.  He nearly choked out Amir.  I gave rounds 1 and 2 to C.B.   The third round was much of the same.  Don’t get me wrong Amir landed some good kicks and strikes.  However, Amir grabbed an arm and put C.B. in an armbar and Steve M. was forced to stop the fight.  The ones to make it to the finale were Amir and Jesse.  Shockingly, the favorite was beaten by the resilent Amir. 

    Now, for the shocking moment.  Well, kind of shocking.  Most of us figured it would involve Jesse Taylor.  What had happened was Dana allowed the guys to go out on the town.  Apparently, some of the guys stayed longer and drank more.  They enjoyed the casinos and night life.  Not so shockingly, Jesse drank too much.  He went on a rampage.  He kicked out a limo window and went through the casino harassing people.  Dana was forced to boot the dude.  Heads up to Dana for making a good call that built my respect for him.  Jesse blew it.  What an idiot. He has a kid to think of.  Dana was right on when he said physically he was ready, but mentally he wasn’t and wouldn’t be able to handle the UFC.  It wasn’t just this instance for Jesse.  It was the multiple drunken rampages this season.  Hats off to Dana for emphasising be a good representative of the UFC and not condoning his behavior.  So, in come Tim and C.B.  They fly in and are told of the situation and asked to fight.  Three weeks later it is on.  They are to fight for the vacant spot.  The fight stays standing.  Round 1 goes narrowly to C.B.  Round 2 easily to C.B. Tim was nearly KO’d and I thought at one time it would be stopped.  Tim survived.  Round 3 I scored to Tim.   They stay standing and C.B. wins the fight and a re-match at the finale with Amir for the chance at the six figure contract.  Couldn’t ask for more.  The C.B. and Tim fight was awesome, one of the best ever in TUF.  And I think the judges scored it right and C.B. deserves the shot, though he can use some better conditioning, eh?

In my opinion this episode lived up to the hype.  The show featured two awesome fights and some of the best of the history of TUF.  The shock was indeed a shock.  So long Jesse.  I believe the last three guys standing were the best three in Tim, Amir, and C.B.  I like the final match.  Both Amir and C.B. and Tim for that matter have a UFC future.  Wow!  What a great show, maybe the best episode ever.  In my opinion, it was a great season, which is underrated.  I think those three guys could do well in the UFC and 5 or 6 could have a long time career there.  Stay tuned for the other fights for the finale involving cast members.


2 Responses

  1. I have been a fan of Amir’s from the beginning. Thought I thought he’d be out in the first round. But as I saw him fight each time I noticed that he was one of the few people that actually showed improvement during the show. Everyone else stayed about the same. Amir got tossed around the first match, so he developed good take down defense. He also learned some jiu jitsu and pulled off a few impressive moves. I am hoping amir wins. CB is an obnoxious punk. And Jesse, you are right. No suprises there.

  2. The decision to bring back CB was B.S.!! Amir beat him and should not have to face him again! They should have brought back the two top guys that Amir never fought (Tim and someone else). They only brought back CB because UFC wanted the best championship fight, not the fairest fight. CB wants revenge…Amir wants to show the world the first win over CB was no joke, Forest’s guy Vs. Rampage’s guy…..blah, blah, blah!! A great story line but I guess ratings are more important than integrity. I have been a huge fan of the UFC but they are giving me less of a reason to be such a strong fan…..Contract issues with stars, quality of pay per view cards keep dropping, less free stuff on TV. I’m waiting for Dana White to bring in Don King and have 1 or 2 good fights a card with controversy in the decisions.

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