UFC News: Kazuhiro Nakamura Released By UFC

It is being reported that light heavyweight fighter Kazuhiro Nakamura has been released by the UFC.  Nakamura’s release was expected following his loss to Sokoudjou.  Nakamura, who did fairly well in PRIDE, failed to impress in the UFC, although his two losses came against top ten fighters in Lyoto Machida and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. 

This from Five Ounces of Pain:

According to a new published report, light heavyweight competitor Kazuhiro Nakamura has been released by the UFC. The move had been anticipated but was confirmed in the July 1 print edition of The Wrestling Observer. The decision to release Nakamura was made shortly after his UFC 84 loss to Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. In that fight, Nakamura was declared the loser via TKO following the first round due to a leg injury. Irrespective of the injury, Nakamura had been dominated by Sokoudjou during the fight’s opening round. Nakamura had made his UFC debut at UFC 76 last September, where he lost a unanimous decision to Lyoto Machida. After the fight, the California State Athletic Commission announced it was fining and suspending Nakamura for testing positive for marijuana during his post-fight drug screening. Nakamura appealed but was unable to get the fine and suspension overturned.

It seems Nakamura cannot hack the top level talent and wasn’t going anywhere in the UFC.  He looked really bad in his two fights.  The failed drug test didn’t help his case either.  He may fair better in Japan, in DREAM or some other organization.  He will find somewhere to fight.  Some may argue he should have been given another chance since his losses came to top talent, however, he looked bad in those losses.  The light heavyweight divison is stacked and is getting more stacked with recent additions of Brandon Vera and Anderson Silva, as well as signings of guys like Andre Gusmao and Reese Andy. 


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