UFC News: Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill at UFC 88


Yesterday MMAblog reported that Rich Franklin was set to fight at UFC 88 in a Light Heavyweight match.  I threw out a couple of options for his opponents, and one of the ones I mentioned was Matt Hamill.  Well, go ahead give me the props I deserve.  It seems to be a reality.  Rich Franklin and Matt Hamill will square off at UFC 88 in Atlanta. MMAblog confirmed from reliable sources that the fight will indeed take place. 

     I don’t know about this fight for Rich my friends.  I think Rich Franklin is a top 3 middleweight in the world.  I understand his predicament.  He is probably the #2 guy in the UFC and the world.  He can beat everyone in the divison except for the number 1 guy.  He is stuck.  A light heavyweight fight is not a bad idea, in fact, I like the move to light heavyweight for Rich.  There are 10-15 great figths for him there.  However, out of all the top 15 light heavyweights he could have fought, Matt Hamill may pose more danger to him than most.  Matt Is big.  Matt is strong.  Matt is big for a light heavyweight.  Matt has amazing wrestling.  I still think Rich can win this fight if he keeps it standing, but personally I don’t like to see two of my favorite fighters fight each other.  It means one will rise and one will fall in the divison.  Both those guys are good guys and class acts.  I still think that most will consider Rich the favorite in this fight, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Hamill beats Franklin in this fight.  Oddly, the fight most people called for was Franklin vs. Dan Henderson at middleweight.  Dan Henderson is on the card, fighting at middleweight against Rousimar Palhares.  Personally, I was hoping for Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin. UFC 88 is looking decent so far with Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans to headline. Stay tuned for more. 


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