Anderson Silva To Fight 3 or 4 More Times in ’08

This from Dana White per MMAweekly

Anderson Silva, being the monster that he is, you all know is going to move up to 205 on July 19. He’s going to fight at 205. If everything goes well, he wants to move back to 185 and fight Sept. 6 in Atlanta, probably against Yushin Okami, then he wants to fight again two months later…. When I talk about real fighter, this is the kind of guy I’m talking about. This guy sat down in a meeting with us, literally, two months ago and said you’re not fighting me enough, I want to fight more. And he wants to keep proving himself. He’s one of these guys that said my window is this big and I want to get everything in before this window closes. He wants to fight (July) 19. He wants to fight again Sept. 6 (at UFC 88), back down to 185 (pounds); he wants to defend his title, then again two months later. Anderson Silva might fight three or four more times this year. He might fight three or four more times this year and it’s almost August!”

I suspect for sure we will see Anderson Silva fight at UFC 88 or 89 against Yushin Okami and I suspect that fight will be announced shortly after the James Irvin fight on July 19th.  Also, we could see Anderson another time by year end! That is incredible. Dana is known for exagerating slightly. I do believe Anderson could fight a few more times this year, but I don’t know about 3 or 4 more times.   I would bet that we will see Anderson July 19 and one more time.  Then I suspect he will fight again in early 2009.  Dana White told MMAweekly:

“He wants to hold both the 185 and the 205 pound belt and he wants to defend them both. Normally I won’t let guys do stuff like that because it’s just… stupid. I’ll let Anderson Silva do it,”

I hope he does well at Light Heavyweight and alternates between middleweight and light heavyweight.  I am sure he’d love to get the light heavyweight belt, but I’d say he must win 2 or 3 before he gets the title shot.


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