TUF News: TUF 8 Finds Next Anderson Silva

Kevin Iole at Yahoo! Sports:

Dana White said he’s found “the next Anderson Silva,” a lightweight who is competing in Season 8 of TUF at 155 pounds, though he declined to release the fighter’s name because it might spoil the season. “I was going off when I saw this guy,” White said. “He’s 24 and he’s destroying people. It’s sick how bad ass he is. I’m getting goose bumps talking to you about him.”

Most people think that the “next Anderson Silva” is a fighter named Joe Duarte.  His blog confirms that he is indeed a cast member of TUF 8.  He is a big lightweight, who walks around at more than 180 lbs.  I saw one video of him and he did look good, but it is hard to tell in some of the smaller events how someone will fair in the big leagues.  The billing as the “next Anderson Silva” may hurt Duarte or whoever it is that Dana was referring to as people could expect too much from him.  Dana White never make a big deal about something only to have the reality disappoint people (sarcasm).  Really though if Dana White talks about a dude like that he must be good.  That is a huge compliment and Dana can recognize talent.  As far as I know he has never said something like that about a TUF cast member.  He may have stated the clear favorite at times, but that is hype.  Also, I would assume that this “next Anderson Silva” may very well be the one in the finals.  Check out my TUF News section for more recent TUF 8 news as it comes in and updated lists of TUF 8 cast members as they are made known. 

Other TUF News:

  • It looks like Lee Evans, Rashad Evans’ brother will be a cast member
  • Also, there are rumors swirling that Matt Hughes’ brother, Mark is on the cast, but I would be shocked if he is for two reasons.  He doesn’t need TUF.  It has been rumored that he was returning to the UFC sometime, but why on TUF?  Also, he doesn’t fit either weight class and dropping to 155 would maybe be too much. 



2 Responses

  1. I think it’s just hype from Dana White. He’s just trying to get ratings for the show, but I can’t blame him for that.

  2. I saw that Antwain britt made the show. Listen to mma opinion itunes podcast. The dude is a monster. Ive seen him fight and i cant picture anyone in the house beating him, thats how good he is.

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