What’s Next For Quinton “Rampage” Jackson?

The question that many people have following Rampage jackson’s decision loss to Forrest Griffin is what is next for the outgoing UFC light heavyweight champion?  There are many people that feel that Griffin should not have won the fight and many people scored the fight either a draw or for Jackson.  However, that is not what happened, Griffin won and is now the champ.  Rampage vowed never to stay out of the octagon for as long as he has again.  So, we will probably see Quinton again by year’s end, but against who?  And where does he stand as a contender in a stacked divison?  First off, I believe that Quinton is the number one contender in the divison today.  As to who he will fight, the most likely candidate is that he will re-match Forrest Griffin.  A lot of what Rampage does next will depend on his leg and I think that there are several scenarios out there for Rampage and 3 fights that could take place for him before the end of the year.

1. The Re-Match.  Many people willc all for the re-match with Forrest.  I wouldn’t be against this as I thought Jackson won the fight anyways, however the light heavyweight strap has been on hold for a long time due to the Griffin/Jackson fight and the Ultimate Fighter stints.  I have a feeling that the UFC may look to market Griffin vs. Someone not named Jackon.  More on this later…  Both guys said they would like the re-match and Dana isn’t against it, and the fight could happen, but the question is will they make Rampage win a fight to get another title shot?

2. Wanderlei Silva.  This is the fight I want.  This has to be a fight Rampage wants.  Wanderlei is a top 5 light heavyweight, but he wasn’t next in line for the title, so if Jackson would have won the fight would have been hard pressed to take place as the next title defense.  With Jackson losing this fight could take place as the fight for the title shot.  The line is long in contention at 205.  You have Machida, Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, and Rampage all in the mix for the next title shot with Thiago Silva, Brandon Vera, and Rashad Evans looking to get into contention.  I am sure the Wanderlei fight would be huge, and Rampage wants to avenge those losses to Silva.  This fight really could happen.

2. Shogun.  Shogun should come off his injury and be ready to fight in November or December.  That would give Rampage plenty of time to recover and be ready.  Also, it would be a chance for Rampage to avenge a loss in his career.  I don’t look for this fight to happen although it would be great with both at their best.  It won’t happen because it is too dangerous for both of them.  Shogun is 0-1 in the UFC.  He needs a win and I have a feeling he may get a good, but beatable opponent next.  Rampage is very important to the UFC and him losing his next fight would drop him out of the top 3 and move him towards the back of the line for the title.

In my opinion, although a Rampage fan, I think he needs to win a fight to get another title shot.  I hope Dana gives someone else a shot at the belt as there are so many people who could be deserving.


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  1. I agree with you on your analysis. I strongly suggest UFC encourage rampage to fight one or two more fights before giving him another title shot. I’m a fan of rampage as well. I hope he elevates his game now that he’s with “wolfslayer”.

    I’m hoping for the best.

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