UFC News: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly at UFC 89

A welterweight match between Marcus Davis and Paul Kelly is in the works.  UFC 89 will take place in England and Davis is a popular guy to bring in on UK cards.  He calls himself the “Irish Hand Grenade” even though he is not Irish.  Usually you can count on Davis to appear on UFC UK cards.  Marcus had a very impressive 2007, but is now coming off of a loss to Mike Swick at UFC 85.  Davis is looking to climb back into contention against Kelly.  MMAJunkie reported that Davis was hurt in his fight against Swick, but refused to back out last second…

Three weeks before the Swick fight, I had torn the connective tissue between my triceps and my rear [deltoid],” Davis said. “I had Cortisone shots for that. Two days before the Swick fight, I couldn’t move my arm. So, the UFC was cool enough to send me to an orthopedic doctor in the U.K., and they did an ultrasound on my arm. I had an impingement in the front bursa sac that was like 100 times the size it was supposed to be, and then still that tear in the rear connective tissue. [The doctor] did a guided needle with the ultrasound into the bursa, and drained the bursa. And that lasted for about three-and-a-half hours, and then I couldn’t move my arm again.

“The day of the weigh-ins, [the UFC] excused me early. After I weighed in, they let me leave and brought me back [to the doctor] and checked me out. It had swollen right back up again because the needle had aggravated it.”

Davis said the UFC asked if he wanted to withdraw from the bout with Swick.

“When we were [at the doctor], there’s me, the doctor, (UFC president) Dana White and (UFC owner) Lorenzo Fertitta,” Davis said. “And the doctor says, ‘I’m worried. I don’t think you should fight because you’re not going to be able to protect yourself.’

“Dana White looked at me and he said, ‘What do you want to do? What are you going to do?’

“I said, ‘I just flew 3,000 freaking miles to get in a fight. I’m fighting tomorrow night, regardless.'” Davis said he suffered the injury during overly intensive weightlifting sessions. The 34-year-old also said it was a mistake he will not make again. “I got it into my head that I needed to be this big, strong, powerful guy,” Davis said. “I went a little too heavy with that weightlifting. I went a little crazy with it. That was my mistake, and that’s how I got that injury. I was throwing up ridiculous amounts of weight and ended up just hurting myself. I’m not going to make that mistake that time with this fight.

 Kelly is also an impressive up and coming welterweight and this should be an interesting fight.  You would assume Kelly would be an underdog in this fight, but it will be a war.


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  1. Marcus is Irish by the way. Just because he lives in America doesn’t mean his doesn’t have Irish roots. You should do a little research before posting facts that are fiction. Besides that nice blog.

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