UFC News: Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva at UFC 89

For a free SPIKE UFC show this is shaping up nicely.  UFC is confirming that Lyoto Machida will fight UFC up and comer Thiago Silva at UFC 89. 

Unbeaten light heavyweight sensation Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida (13-0) will look to keep the momentum going from his May victory over Tito Ortiz when he returns to the Octagon to face fellow unbeaten (and fellow Brazilian) Thiago Silva (13-0) in what should be an explosive clash on October 18th’s UFC 89 card at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England

The winner of this fight should be in serious title contention.  If Lyoto wins the UFC cannot avoid giving him a title shot.  If Thiago wins it throws the divison into more turmoil.  This should be an interesting fight to say the least.  I have to wonder though who does this leave for Wanderlei Silva?  The rumor was the Wanderlei was asked to choose between Thiago Silva and Lyoto Machida as to who he wanted to fight.  That may have been true, but he won’t get either yet.  That leaves one fight: Rampage Jackson.  Jackson’s legal troubles may throw a wrench into that idea now, but I have a feeling that was the idea.


2 Responses

  1. This is going to be the main event for me, especially since both of them are 13-0. Lyoto is a very dominate force and I believe he will take the fight. I think it will be close, but he will still get it. Two undefeated against each other, I’d take that any day!

    Lyoto got me into training MMA, he really inspired me. I just picked up my new MMA Gear and I freakin’ love it. What does everyone else use?

  2. I’m pumped too. The UFC does a good job putting awesome fighters on free tv, since they don’t have an offical ranking system Dana and the other big wigs pretty much pick whom they’d like to fight – which means it’s anybodies guess who gets title shots.

    I’m a big Lyoto fan and love his tactical, assassin like technical skills.

    As for gear, I’ve used a lot of gear from Century and Title. I really like Title’s heavy bag gloves. I’d like to pick up a pair of nice fingerless MMA gloves, but I’d like some guidance there too.

    – Bart G from http://www.slcmma.com

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