UFC News: Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote at UFC 90

Okay, so we knew that Cote would get a title shot.  First, we suspected it would be after Yushin Okami got his shot, but then Okami broke his hand opening the door for Cote.  We then knew this fight would happen.  At first we thought it would be at UFC 88 in September.  Then some speculated it would be at UFC 89, on the free SPIKE card.  Well, it appears the fight will happen at UFC 90 on October 25th.  Here is what Cote had to say:

I’m telling all my friends to bet on me because they’re going to make a lot of money…. This guy will need 10 punches to my face to knock me out, and I’ll just need one. I have a good chance. He won’t exchange with me, and I’m not scared of him.”

I am sorry, but Cote bette rbe scared.  He is right, he has one punch knockout power, but it is nothing Silva hasn’t seen in guys like Leben or Franklin.  Cote didn’t knockout Almeida, he won’t knockout Silva. Here are Dana’s comments on the fight. 

Anderson Silva once again showed why he’s the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world when he moved up to light heavyweight and destroyed James Irvin,” White said. “Now he drops back down to middleweight to defend his world title against Patrick Cote, a fighter on a five-fight win streak [including one win outside of the UFC] with a style that guarantees an incredible fight, wherever it goes.

I think this is a good fight, but it is only good ebause it is a chance to see Anderson Silva.  If Cote wins that stinks for the UFC.  I hope UFC 90 gets another good fight.  They have the Sanchez vs. Alves and that is good for a third or fourth fight.  I hope they get one mroe solid fight.


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  1. well cote is no match for silva .but here are some middleweights that are and should be spiders next fights

    martin kampman
    great fighter, is 13-1 and 1 loss came from a cut on a fight he was winning.he is know for his knockout power yet has 8 submission victories.and only 1 of his 13 wins came from a decision which was uniammous.he is deadly in everything

    nate loughran
    he is undefeated and just beat another undefeated guy to stay undefeated.

    amir sadollah
    everybody knows this man can take a beating he is very hard to knock out yet he can strike good and he is very hard to submit yet he is elite at submitting.

    those 3 guys should be anderson silvas next title defences.and if he beats all of them which i highly doubt he would because these guys are great
    just throw him in the cage with brock lesnar anderson would get killed by brock, and then after brocks fineshed beating him give him his 2nd strait loss by makeing him fight fedor emilenkle he would be killed by the great fedor.but ofcouse those guys are heavyweights and would kill silva so he will never fight either of them so just make him fight the 3 middleweights i posted.

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