UFC News: Melvin Guillard vs. Spencer Fisher at UFC 90

MMAweekly is reporting that a bout is in the works between lightweights Melvin Guillard and Spencer Fisher.  Spencer Fisher is coming off of an impressive win over the young Jeremy Stephens and Guillard is coming of a brutal KO of Denis Siver.  Fisher’s trainer Pat Miletich was not happy about that fight and said:

Spencer has no reason to fight that guy, I don’t think Melvin’s earned the right to fight him yet. I think Spencer should be fighting somebody where he’s got something to gain.” Spencer obviously would be the favored guy, Melvin’s a dangerous kid, but I don’t think Melvin’s a polished fighter at Spencer’s level.

This could be a fairly good fight, but as Pat Miletich said Fisher has to be the favored one going into this fight.  I also agree that this fight doesn’t gain anything for Fisher.  Guillard should be ranked below Fisher currently, but this fight will settle that.

This card is shaping up, but I hope they add another interesting fight that would be of top billing calibur.  Anderson Silva is always a draw, but the Cote fight is only exciting to me because ti is Anderson Silva.  The Sanchez vs. Alves fight is interesting and Werdum should return here as well.  In my opinion they need at least one more big fight here.


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