UFC News: Leites vs. Reljic at UFC 90

I had heard rumors of a Leites vs. Reljic bout, now MMAjunkie is cofirming that rumor.  I had also heard that the bout was offered and then an injury forced Reljic to withdraw.  We will see if that pans out.  However, for now we are going to assume the fight will take place at UFC 90.  The fight will be a middleweight fight. 

If you remember, Goran Reljic, the Croatian who formerlly trained under Mirko Cro Cop debuted at UFC 84 against Wilson Gouveia.  reljic looked very good and looked to have great striking skills.  This should be an interesting bout.  Leites is good on the ground and is coming off of a decision victory over Marquardt that he only won because Marquardt had two points deducted.  Reljic is a very big guy.  He looked big at 205, I can’t imagine how he will look at 185 or how he will possibly cut an addition 20 pounds.  It should be interesting and I think Reljic is a serious threat at 185 if he can handle the weight cut.


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