MMA News: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Tests Positive For Steroids

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Newly crowned Elite XC heavyweight champion, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, has tested positive for Boldenone after winning the first-ever vacant division crown over Justin Eilers at “Unfinished Business” last month, according to California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Acting Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas.

“Bigfoot” has been suspended for 12 months and fined the standard $2,500.

Boldenone, which is apparently one of the hardest steroids to mask on a blood test, can show up on tests as much as a year and a half after use. It is often used by body builders because of it’s ability to add strength and size.

This is a big blow to the EliteXC and to Antonio Silva.  One has to wonder what he was thinking.  Was he training to gain an advantage over Justin Eilers?  Why would he need it?  Was he trying to recover from an injury?  Regardless, this is a big set back in his career and for the EliteXC heavyweight divison.  Silva was a big help to a fading promotion.  I guess we will see him in a year.


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