MMA News: Randy Couture Could Fight in The UFC Again

We all know of the lgal battle over Randy Couture’s contract.  Zuffa has apparently won that legal battle and now controls Couture’s fighting future.  At 45 years old Couture cannot have much left in the tank, but it is possible despite all the back and forth legal troubles to see Randy in the UFC octagon one more time, and this may be before year’s end.  Randy is still considered the UFC heavyweight champ and I do not know how a fight would be marketed or what it would entail, but another fight is possible as a means of settling with Zuffa out of court and then freeing him from his contract and enabling him to fight Fedor Emelieanenko.  Here is what I have found on the issue…

Rumors are starting to swirl that former UFC heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture could headline UFC 91 as the organization swings into Portland, OR, for the first time ever in November.Goldenboy, a respected member of the forum who has provided credible tips in the past, provided the info earlier this afternoon. He first broke the news of Aleksander Emelianenko failing his blood test.

Even more notably:

While Couture’s participation at UFC 91 is far from official, Eric, an amateur member of the Xtreme Couture gym where Randy trains, has confirmed that Couture is training to fight somebody in the near future.

And more…

Reigning UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture could return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship by year’s end as part of an out-of-court settlement with the organization.

Multiple sources close to the fighter, speaking exclusively to (, today said that Couture is willing to fight once more for the UFC, possibly before the end of the year, as a potentia; resolution to his ongoing legal battles with the fight promotion.

However, Couture himself could not be reached for comment, and it’s unknown if the UFC is even considering the offer at this point.

According to one source, as part of Couture’s concession to return the octagon, the 45-year-old UFC hall-of-famer would want to walk away “clear and free” from the organization after the bout

The question is who will Randy fight?  The situation is complicated.  Randy is still the UFC heavyweight champion.  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is the UFC interim heavyweight champion.  Nogueira is scheduled to fight Frank Mir in December as a cap to the TUF 8 season.  It wouldn’t make sense for Randy to fight Nogueira, although that is the fight I have called for the whole time.  I have never understood why Randy ducked Nogueira.  Nogueira is by most considered the number 2 heavyweight in the world behind Fedor.  Randy said he wants to fight those better than him and he wants Fedor.  Why cause all this rift to get to Fedor when he should beat the number 2 first?  A fight with Nogueira would complicate things now.  If Couture won, what would happen to Nog’s title?  If Nog won it would be ideal, but you can’t bank on that.  Some have speculated it could be Brock Lesnar, who was rumored to fight Knongo at UFC 91, but that has been reported off due to a injury to Kongo.  Oh boy.  I have no idea what will happen now.  I suspect we will find out soon.


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